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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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South Indian Film Maker arrested for pro LTTE talks PDF Print E-mail
Canadian media reported yesterday of South Indian film director Sameen’s arrest last night when he gave a dramatic speech on pro LTTE supportive meeting to celebrate the ‘Heroes day’ of the Tamil Tiger regime. 

It was reported that Sebastian Seeman, delivered his speech on encouraging to restarting the civil war in Sri Lanka, with a flag of the LTTE rebel emblem hung on the background.

Canada Border Services Agency officers with the service of Peel police services were involved in arresting Seeman to deport him on security grounds unless he left voluntarily. Seeman was taken to custody and questioned before agreeing to leave the country immediately.

The film director from Tamil Nadu is well known for his hard-line speeches in support of Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers rebels. He has been arrested several times within and outside India for his pro LTTE talks based on terrorist influences.

According to several Tamil-Canadians who heard the speech on the radio or watched it on the Internet reported of his harsh overview on the majority of Sri Lankans, the Singhalese. He had apparently criticized the Sri Lankan Government heavily, and had concluded his speech by declaring, the war would have ended differently had the rebels bombed the Sinhala schools.

Mr. Seeman’s speech coincided with the heroes' day," also known as "martyr's day," an event held each year to commemorate Tamil rebels who died during the fighting of the war and to celebrate the Birth day of Tamil Tiger Leader late Velupillai Prabhakaran. Seeman is also known for his close acquaintance with Prabakaran when photos of him and the late LTTE leader posing with smiles and handshakes were publicized in India.

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