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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Tiger coming to blow up Colombo arrested PDF Print E-mail
A special police team arrested a front line Tiger terrorist in Vavuniya, who had been planning to cause a huge explosion in Colombo to project that the Tigers are still active.

The police was also able to take in to custody a powerful bomb that was to be set off in Colombo.
This Tiger named Ananda Vernan was arrested a few days ago and it has been revealed that he has contacts with Tiger leaders based in Malaysia.

Investigations have also revealed that he has been getting a lot of funds from abroad in to a private bank account of his in Vavuniya. He was arrested after the police got a tip off that a resident of Vavuniya is searching for detonators. He was eventually arrested after which he revealed the claymore bomb that was to be used for this purpose.

The Tiger suspect had been in a welfare center after the defeat of the Tigers and has managed to escape when he was taken to Vavuniya hospital for treatment. He is a bomb expert and had been involved in many bomb explosions in Colombo and has also worked as the deputy of Colombo Tiger intelligence chief Ratnam Master and had been running a bomb depot in a three story house in Modera.

About a year ago when the police raided this place, a Tiger suspect blew himself up with the bombs and this person was living in the ground floor with his wife at that time. He has somehow managed to escape and run away to Kilinochchi.

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