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Friday, 20 July 2018
Friday, 20 July 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Central Provincial schools closed over H1N1 seizure. PDF Print E-mail
The startlingly rapid spread of the H1N1 novel influenza virus has resulted in the immediate closure of the schools in the Central Province.  Though the vacation is set to commence from December 9th, the circumstances of the flu had forced authorities to hand out the vacations earlier. A circular will be sent tomorrow to all schools of Central Province issuing the early closure of schools.

So far 6 children and 3 pregnant women had died over the infection of the swine flu resulting in the execution of the precautionary method of the closure of schools.

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry has decided to import a special vaccine from the US to barrier down a possible out break of the virus disregarding the controversial issues of the safety of the vaccine.

The continuing protests of the healthcare employees of USA on the mandatory immunization of the swine flu vaccine highlight the on going debate of the safety of the vaccine.
Healthcare workers of the state of New York staged a massive protest on October 9th on the continuing insistence of  the US government on vaccinating the workers of the Health Sector.  
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