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Wednesday, 19 September 2018
Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Massive showers - Colombo in crisis under floods PDF Print E-mail
The highest reported rainfall since 2005 brings a cascade of rain causing many areas in the Colombo city to come to a standstill.

The havoc caused with the flash floods, strong winds and the lightning has temporary rendered many roads and suburbs to be impassable on Tuesday Morning.  

Though the several feet of water that arose in the morning gradually declined during the mid day, public are warned of more heavy showers and sever attacks of lightning.

City of Colombo recorded a 200mm rainfall while, Rathmalana topping the sheet had a towering record of 210mm of rainfall. Meanwhile Kandy, Mathugama and Kaluthara also witnessed high showers of rain.

A disturbance in the atmosphere along the Western coastline with the ongoing inter monsoon conditions has emphasized the prominence of the rain showers, the Meteorological Department spokesperson explained.

A few days prior, Panadura also witnessed massive gales of winds; causing nearly 500 houses sever damage with a few houses reported as roofless.

The public have been warned for necessary precautions against the lightning and the thunderstorms. The disaster management center is also on the lookout for any flash floods or high gales that might occur over the past few days.

Many public buildings such as the Colombo Municipal Council and Maligawatte police station were also reported as a few feet under water. Meanwhile massive traffic congestions and delays of train activity were also reported. Minor landslides and blockage of roads caused enormous inconvenience, with the Colombo traffic police having a difficult time to reconcile the hassle of the busy roads.

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