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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Pathetic Tiger Diaspora wants to build toilets in Wanni PDF Print E-mail
In Canada Tiger enthusiasts, and that means funds collectors alias extortionists of all shades are so desperate for dollars for their coffers that they are talking about building toilets in Wanni. Pathetic is not the word for it. If they are asking for funds to buy portables and send them to the IDPs camps that is understandable; even charter a cargo plane to take them there.  The ultra-Tiger Canadian Multicultural Radio (CMR) and TVI are unashamedly canvassing for funds as if it has become an addiction to exploit and even to be victims without question.

But building toilets in Wanni, the government is taking good care of it as each village and township are being de-mined and readied for rehabilitation.

Asking for funds to build toilets is another cheat mode to milk the naïve Tamils who certainly seem so stupid to believe such cock and bull and hen and cow tales of the evil gang of fund collectors who have to find ways and means to pay for their house mortgages, cars obtained on lease and other needs incurred by their ostentatious lifestyles; even hiring helicopters to fly their came-of-age lasses to the ceremonial mantaps.

Meanwhile a man called Arivalagan has announced that there will be a Tiger Government in exile and that will be headed by an Interpol-wanted arms smuggler called Pathmanathan. It is strange that Tamils in Sri Lanka have none such ideas; only the never-will-go-back pro-LTTE Diaspora most of whom either have a stake in funds collecting or so stupid to believe that a nation could be created on fantasies. .  

Just about everything about this Eelam movement seems based brazenly on the grandiose and pretentious and the avid collectors of funds have their people as easy game. This is not politics or liberation struggle. This is highway robbery and several passports holder Pathmanathan of no fixed abode is their new leader. He wears no cyanide capsule but then neither did Prabhakaran when he fled to his death like a coward.

By Sandy Joseph

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