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Wednesday, 19 September 2018
Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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“TNA Satisfied with IDP Resettlement” – MP Sri Kantha PDF Print E-mail
Seven MPs of the TNA went to the displaced camps and to meet the resettled people for the first time. The visit was organized by Government.

After visiting the IDP camps for the first time since they were set up after the end of the war the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), said yesterday there was a sense of commitment by the military and civil officials in this respect. The government appeared to be serious about the resettlement of these displaced persons. TNA members said there was a sense of commitment by the military and civil officials in this respect.

N. Srikantha MP, S. Krishoor MP, S. Adaikalanathan MP, Thomas William, Vino Nogarathelingham MP, P. Ariyanethran MP and R. M. Imam MP are the seven that went to the area to meet the IDPs.  

MP Sivanathan Krishoor said “We are really satisfied with the facilities given to those who in relief villages and resettled. We could see the happiness in our peoples’ faces and this is what we wished and we thank the government for the help they do to our people”.

MPs visited Vanni by helicopter and accompanied by the commander of Vanni, Major General Kamal Gunarathne and Minister of Natural Disaster Rizarth Badiudeen. Maj. Gen. Gunarathne explained about the resettlement and rehabilitation process in the meeting held at Vanni Army Head Quarters.

MPs have visited Chettikulam, Ananda Kumaraswamy and Arunachchalam relief villages and had discussions with those in the camps and fond the facilities made to the people are satisfactory though they are not complete. There were enough infant food and health facilities are provided. The IDPs requested the MPs to help them get vegetables for money at least. They had lost all equipments, machinery, vehicles and even their houses.

The visiting team was the view that their lives in camps must not go on forever. They must be resettled. Hence it is necessary to help them get them back.

The MPs were able to witness the speedy de-mining areas in Mallavi, Thunukkai and Mangkulam and were convinced that the officials will be able to finish the task by January 31st and resettle the rest of the people. The TNA MPs said they would contact the Governor of the Province and the commanders of Jaffna and Vanni to help the people further.

Thereafter they viewed the Manner Kattukkaraikulam Bridge which is under reconstruction.  
The Giant Tank at Murungan is now being rehabilitated with Japanese aid and it would definitely help the people of the area they pointed out. They further said their action in any thing is limited and can only interfere to a certain extent.

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