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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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MR seeks public opinion on the next Polls PDF Print E-mail
The atmosphere was one vibrant mass of many shades of blues on the 59th annual National Convention of the SLFP held at Kettarama Stadium yesterday. The jubilant masses of tens of thousands of SLFP supporters gathered amidst the light drizzle of a Sunday afternoon to hear President Rajapaksha’s historical speech as a leader who had defeated terrorism in a country craving for peace.

The president addressed the cheering crowds in a light hearted note and asked weather they wanted the General or the Presidential poll to lead the way. In An overwhelming chorus the crowed bellowed they wanted the Presidential Election first.

“Well, you want me to cut short two years while the Parliament has a few more months to go?” said the President with an even wider smile. “Good... I will put your request to the party to make a decision. After all your decision is what counts” He added as the crowed cheered triumphantly.

On a more subtle note, president thanked all SLFP supporters who had gathered there from all parts of the country to show their continuing support for the party.

“Today, despite its humble beginnings, the SLFP is a strong party that could face all challenges. We now want to develop this country. We have won the war," the party leader said. “Our party has created a free nation for generations to live without fear” he stressed
“You all can state with heads held high that you are proud followers of SLFP”.

“I never was a leader who succumbed to the whims of the International community. If I had, the matters would have been completely different to what it is now” the president stated to the massive audience.

Remarking that some of the opposition’s claim of ‘Mahinda may have won the war but he cannot develop the country’ as a talk of elements desperate for means of a catchy phrase to their already crude election campaigns.

“If anyone has their eyes open they would have witnessed all major construction work undergoing the country, especially in North and east” the president stated, surveying the crowds.

As another gigantic development process, president stated Sri Lanka will be able use their own fuel for the vehicles running on the newly constructed roads. 2010 will see to that, the oils of our own land are igniting the motors of our people’s cars; a huge relief in the continuing rise of the fuel prices in the world market.

Talking about patriotism, he expressed his regret of some true Heroes of the victory march in Northern war, refusing to join the yet continuing of the battle to develop the country.
“It is sad and startling to realize a patriot to their country could turn suddenly in to a traitor” the President told the masses gathered.

President expressed his views in a different note, “this country needs a strong opposition. Yet the present one is an embarrassment to the very Country of Sri Lanka.” He resumed in a sober tone.

“The oldest political party in this country led by great leaders like D.S Senanayaka, is not in a position even to nominate a presidential candidate. It had come to such a pass that it had to go behind people seeking a presidential candidate” the President exclaimed. “How can such party are entrusted to rule a country?” president demanded the crowd.

After the conclusion of his address to the enthusiastic SLFP supporters, president himself descended the stage in a youthful skip to join the crowds to thank for their presence and support. The crowds hailed in delight the roam through the stadium by President Mahinda Rajapaksha and the evening concluded in other varies cultural shows that mainly highlighted the unity of Sri Lanka.
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