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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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NO Prayer healings untill clearence from Court PDF Print E-mail
The police have decided to ban all kinds of prayer meetings in Colombo for faith healing within the Colombo city limits with immediate effect. This was revealed when delegates of the National Sangha Council met the new IGP to explain the deaths that has occurred during such meetings.

The delegation of the National Sangha Council said that the new IGP assured them that the police would take steps to prevent these prayer meetings within Colombo city limits and investigations will be held to the death of two ladies at such a meeting held at the Victoria Park recently, while also exploring the legal possibilities of arresting the persons who organized it.

Kaduwela Magistrate Ms. Sujatha Aalahapperuma, considering a request made by the police on 10th Nov. to stop the functions of religious center in Koswatte temporarily as it has become a hindrance to peace, ordered to the police to prove their allegations with evidence. The police officers pointed out that under sections 89 and 106 of the Criminal penal code the public protests that rose after two women died at a prayer healing meeting in Victoria Park has now developed in to an open conflict.

The police officers also said that the CID is now conducting a separate investigation in to the death of these two ladies while about 300 people of the Sihala Urumaya has held an agitation in front of the center while another group has come and caused damage to the bldg of the religious center. They also said that the police already have over nine complaints made by the residents complaining that the noise made by this center is so loud it is disturbing the studies of their children and the large numbers of cars that are parked outside the bldg is also causing serious problems to them.

The owner of the bldg and pastor Mervin Joseph also appeared in the court day before yesterday. Their lawyer argued since the constitution of this country ensures the freedom of worship to its citizens they are against the request made by the police.

The lawyer also said that the pastor cannot be held responsible for the death of two women as what he did is exactly what a priest of a Hindu Temple and if a person dies during this Hindu religious right, it is not fair to blame the priest.

He also said that when the bldg was being attacked some policemen watched it without trying to stop it and the defence have video clippings of all this which they plan to produce to the court in future.

Meanwhile the Kaduwela Magistrate Mrs. Sujatha Alahapperuma told open court on the 11th that it is clear that the prayer center maintained by the Jesus Never Fails Good News Center at Koswatte Battaramulla is oppressive to the public. She said this when the Thalangama Police presented a report calling for the closure of the center.

The Police informed court that a public uprising resulted after the death of two ladies during a meeting held at the Vihare Mahadevi Park on the 31st of October The Magistrate says that she was ready to call for further evidence.

Municipal Commissioner Mrs. Badra Jayawardena said that until investigations in to the death of the two ladies is over, they have decided not to allow such prayer meetings to take place and that they have also already informed the relevant people about it.


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