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Saturday, 22 September 2018
Saturday, 22 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Swine flu gone for a try PDF Print E-mail
WHO’s recent declaration of a Swine Flu pandemic, much hyped media speculation about it, daily counts of reported and confirmed cases and endless awareness programs throughout the country were all in a disarray when the  National Rugby League (NRL) match between Brisbane Broncos and Bulldogs got underway last Friday.
The NRL has ordered the Broncos to take the field despite the fact that most of its players should still be in quarantine.

There must have been financial and legal reasons behind the move, but it certainly rose more than a few eyebrows as the entire world is in a kind of a panic about this illness. But the game went on in front of a packed crowd and the first half of it was a thriller. But the Bulldogs came hard in the second half and took the game away from the Broncos with a final score line of 44-22.

For some people, including myself, this is just another type of flu for which one should not panic but take good care. This anyway is the flu season in this country and if you take 10 people, at least 5 or 6 of them (especially children) are having some kind of flu. A couple of week ago, both my daughter and wife had flu. The doctor who treated them never bothered to check if they were possible Swine Flu cases because it (flu) is such a common thing this time of the year. Both of them got through the illness with usual medicine.

Then I picked up the same illness last week. When I checked on the Internet, I was having almost the same symptoms as for Swine Flu. But I was pretty sure that it’s not Swine Flu but was passed on to me from my family. So I decided to rely on my usual home medicine for flu, Sri Lanka’s very own ‘Peyawa’, and after three days I’m pretty much over it. Watching the Rugby match eased out my concerns about Swine Flu, but for everyone’s sake, I’d be playing it safe.

Satire by Suranga
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