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Wednesday, 19 September 2018
Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Chief Prelates warn Gen. Sarath Fonseka PDF Print E-mail
The Patriotic National Movement, the Patriotic Bikkhu Front, the Jana Vijaya Foundation, the Jayagrahana Lanka Foundation and several Buddhist Monks yesterday urged Chief of Defence Staff Sarath Fonseka not to contest the presidential election.

They warned that otherwise they would have a ‘Sangha Agna’ or Decree issued to stop him from doing so.

The Ven. Medagama Dhammananda Thera of the Shayamopali Nikaya of the Asgiriya Chapter told a joint news conference organized by these groups a request will be made to the Chief of Defense Staff Gen. Sarath Fonseka though the Chief Priests of the Triune “Nikayas” (Orders) not to appear as the Common Candidate in a forthcoming general Election. Further they would meet the Mahanayaka Theras today for this purpose.

He said that if the General does not heed to the request a writ from the Maha Sangha (Council of prelates) will be issued upon him. Some representatives of the Sangha met at the BMICH on the 9th and spoke to the media after the meeting.

But “Divaina” a Sinhala Daily newspaper has contacted Gen Sarath Fonseka and asked him about the truth behind the speculations going around the country that he is going to be the common presidential candidate of the UNA.
Gen Fonska has confirmed that it is not possible to do politics being in his uniform and said “No one can neither force me to do Politics nor force me to stay away from politics. I can come to any decision according to my own freedom”.

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