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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Narcotics trade between SL & Pakistan PDF Print E-mail
Heroine is being smuggled from Pakistan to Lanka in various forms. Last week one 27 year old Pakistani citizen was arrested by the Katunayaka customs.

When he was taken to the hospital on suspicion it was found he had 51 Heroine pills in his stomach. After Afghanistan, Pakistan is the 2nd largest Heroin smuggler. Large amount of Heroin is smuggled to Sri Lanka from Pakistan.

Sri Lankan custom officers too are very sharp to detect many well planed attempts and arrest the culprits in the past. Once in the container that brought potatoes from Karaitchchi to Colombo harbor there were many plastic containers just like potatoes that contained heroine.

The worst terrorism is the heroine which destroys the younger generation totally.  There are high powered and wealthy behind the smuggling of heroine. That is why it is very difficult to wipe out the threat. When the government came to know that the underworld has had a big hand in the distribution and deal it was first attacked. It is necessary to take solid steps against the drug menace that helps crimes in the country. The parents too have to be very careful on their children.

These traders catch the younger generation and hence the parents have to be very careful on the movements of their children. In well to do countries many actions to curb the use and distribution of drugs is undertaken. Though the menace of drugs has not reached that height we must take steps now to crush the menace. Because Pakistan is a friendly country it has to help us defeat this drug threat in the country. Because most of the drug smugglers are Pakistani citizens if Pakistan takes proper steps we can crush drug menace in the country.

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