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Friday, 20 July 2018
Friday, 20 July 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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By Tikirikumari Dissa Korala

Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksha is one of the most loved and respected human beings is Sri Lanka.

He is a man with a deep rooted love and concern for the soldier in the frontlines.  His authoritative but disciplined and immaculate actions brought a most callous 30 year war in Sri Lanka, to an end. He left nothing to chance, and nothing escaped this great man’s attention.  He never engaged in petty talk or actions, and through his absolute professionalism and perfectionism, sometimes (rarely, I would say), we the citizens who love and hero worship him got the privilege of seeing his ‘million dollar smile’, and that was enough for most of the us to carry-on for months on end, during the difficult times the we faced in the past.  The deep respect and love we Sri Lankans have for this man, can be distantly compared to the love and respect the Americans feel towards Abraham Lincoln or what the Israelis feel for Moshe Dayan.

So, the US is now trying to bring war crimes against this most loved man of Sri Lanka!  For the Sri Lankans, it’s like war crimes charges being brought against Abraham Lincoln, to the Americans.

Well yes, there are some ‘queer’ sections of the Sri Lankan society, who feel extremely threatened by this kind of hero worshiping and unconditional respect towards individuals.  Partly because this is a feat they themselves can never achieve for themselves, in their lifetime.  The other reason for this hatred is their greed for political power and the annihilation of Pirapaharan and the dream of Eelam.

The LTTE always fought their war with a two pronged approach, i.e. militarily & psychologically.  In the absence of their military leaders (Pirapaharan & his gang of murderers) who were also responsible for supplying ammunition for the psychological war, the veterans who made the strategies (for the psychological war) and the soldiers who really fought it then, have now taken over the responsibility of continuing the fight for Eelam, through ‘peaceful’ means.  These are the more dangerous ones, in my opinion, since most of them are educated in the West and they have through the years built contacts in influential circles, hence, they are well equipped to influence the Western power houses and the people who serve in them.

The current opposition of Sri Lanka has always had dependable and proficient accomplices in the afore said group.  It looks as if the West, the current opposition, the INGOs, the veterans and the soldiers fighting the LTTE’s psychological war are on one side, fighting towards one goal. The West wants a puppet government in SL, the current opposition fits the bill perfectly, it suits them both since, and by putting the opposition back in power it is the West who will really gain power, in Sri Lanka.  Well, INGOs will have a field day as well, like old times; however, the real winners will be the Eelamists (wolves) in sheep clothing. The neo-liberal ideologies and policies of the current opposition of SL will be providing a great playground for the above groups, and it will afford them the background to push for first federalism, then self determination, and then Voila “Eelam”!

It is sad that the opposition of this country is either blind to this truth or they are deliberately working in unison with these more sophisticated Eelamists towards a common goal.  The opposition’s boundless greed and the kind of cussed politics they engage in nowadays have brought them to an all time low in popularity, within Sri Lanka.  Hence, as always they are campaigning with the West to gain power in Sri Lanka, what those stupid opposition members do not understand is that their constituencies are in Sri Lanka and not somewhere in the Western Hemisphere of planet earth. Whatever, you go around saying or doing with the rest of the world, finally you will have to face your fate here, in home terrain, at elections.  

The Sri Lankan public are no ‘lotus eaters’, they are very alert and comprehend many issues well enough to grasp any threats to their country’s sovereignty, remember almost all voters can read and write (there literacy rate in this country is 98%).  Their pragmatism and their intuitive instincts brought the present regime into power, just in time to save the country.  The deep sense of gratitude they feel for the people who brought integrity and dignity back to this country, sees no bounds.  They will also do everything in their power to protect and nurture what has been won, and the people who won it for them.

People like Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksha will only evoke reverence from this nation. No matter what muck the US or their allies in the West try to rub on Mr. Rajapaksha, with the help of their goons, the people of this country will back him to the hilt, even if it means Sri Lanka’s isolation from the rest of the world.

I am not going to waste any of my time and energy on writing what the US is guilty of in their military campaigns then and now, since every possible person who write rationally about this issue seems to do so, however, nothing seem to bother them.  They are going about doing their business, as destructively as ever, like a drunken elephant let loose on the populace.  Well, “play on” that is all I can say, justice will come someday, sooner or later.

I think I am speaking for all patriots of Sri Lanka, when I say: May all the Forces of the Universe, Protect our Hero, our Saviour, our Beloved Soldier to whom we owe this victory of our Motherland!!

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