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Wednesday, 19 September 2018
Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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A comment by the Editors of Sri Lanka Watch to the editorial published on the 28th Oct. 2009 Washington Times under the Title “Undermining Sri Lanka”.

Well said, Washington Times! a lot more sense in those words than one can expect from all the sanctimonious justice seekers, who are stomping on Sri Lanka for crushing terrorism, on it’s own soil.

Human Rights are being used as a weapon to castigate countries that go against the wishes of the powerful West.  Human Rights are important and should be upheld at all times, however, what does one do when a band of thugs and murderers wreck havoc in a country for over three decades?  When it is these thugs who decide, who lives and who dies and neither young children nor women are spared from their wrath, what choices are left for a country?  A few, we would say, try to engage the blood suckers in some kind of peaceful dialogue failing which (four times in this case) crush them like cockroaches trying to get out of a dustbin.

Sri Lanka withstood an immense amount of pressure from the Western block especially during the last stages of Eelam War IV.  Towards the end of the war there wasn’t a day the country didn’t have a visit from one emissary or the other, either demanding a cessation to the hostilities between the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) and the LTTE or raising HR concerns etc.
The whole world suddenly seemed to rotate around a small island in the Indian Ocean.  
It was a war which was fought from many prongs:

a)    Militarily – To weaken and defeat the enemy,

b)    Diplomatically – To keep the international community from totally turning against us,

c)    Socially – To keep public opinion afloat, so that economic difficulties faced by the people during an ongoing war doesn’t turn into another rebellion within the country,

d)    Politically – To justify the war to the constituents, without whose support success is nothing but a dream for a ruling party,

e)    Internationally – To counter adverse  enemy propaganda and to withstand Diaspora lobbying,

f)    Technologically – To counter adverse enemy propaganda on the web, to employ state of the art methodologies in conventional war and otherwise to oppose a most resourceful enemy.

This is a hard won war, and hardly we are out of it, we now have to face new challenges, of war crimes.  Is this fair?

Does sovereignty only a privilege of the rich and powerful countries?  

A sovereign country has a right to protect itself from enemies within and without it; this goes for big, small, rich, poor, powerful, powerless etc. We were fighting to save the citizens of this country from the most ruthless terrorist organization of the world, so what is so politically wrong about it?
America is doing the same, only they are not fighting the most ruthless terrorist organization in the world.  Thousands die in Afghanistan and Iraq in the name of finding a few terrorists.  If there is one country that undisputedly deserves a war crimes probe in the modern day and age, it is the United States of America! So like the saintly editor of Washington Times says; “Leave Sri Lanka alone!”

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