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Friday, 20 July 2018
Friday, 20 July 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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GSP+ Threat, a threat no longer? PDF Print E-mail
On Thursday, Governor of Central bank presented the results of the evaluation on the impact of losing the GSP+ trade facility program if EU favored against felicitating the facility service for SL trade sector.

The governor further explained, with decisive risk control and business management strategy, the withdrawal of GSP+ would hardly intervene in the trading of international market.

Blowing down the common fear that had arisen with the heavy losses the apparel Industry might have to forgo if the GSP+ was withdrawn, Governor of Central bank proclaimed the necessary risk control methods are the best way to survive such blow. Further stating that being the only exception of receiving GSP+ in an Asian country, the other countries does clutch a competitive hold in the international market without a GSP+ facility under their belt.

With the prospective traits seen in the present economy, more evidence insists the fact that inflaming had started a gradual decrease that would result in the up raise of the statue of the rupee. The 7% duty margin that might prove as a lose to the Industry can be out weighted within the depreciation range of the rupee.

The overall summery of the report presented by the Central bank stresses on certain interesting points as to out weight a potential risk the industry might have to bear. Economic management and risk management tasks play a key role of the conclusion on the report that was submitted from the Central Bank.

The present government policy of decreasing the Interest rates for the banking sector was highly recommended and other marketing strategies for out weighting a potential of 78 million Euros loss from the trading sector was discussed extensively in the presentation.

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