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Wednesday, 19 September 2018
Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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The unsubstantial Medical Examinations PDF Print E-mail
A number of varieties presently being vaccinated as Injections and used as medical Instruments had been defined as unsuitable for human use by the National Health Department earlier this week.

Certain  brands of Rubella Vaccination which caused havoc during past couple of weeks when one girl died and a number of other children fell ill due to the use of sub quality medication had been a threatening medical offence in the recent history of the health sector.

Newly found medical vaccines, bottled with pieces of glass sealed in the container and the recently found chickenpox vaccination bottles with yellowed and tinted mixtures as hinted at being expired products were immediately removed from the vicinity of hospitals. These recent finds had speculated to the development of controversies in the already jeopardized medical fields.

The recently implemented order on only to discard the yellowed bottles containing vaccines is being questioned regarding its status of credibility by certain health related authorities. The flimsy examination method when it came to discarding over used or expired medicines is correctly quoted as highly unsubstantiated.

The sole base for such health related inspection is an individual’s vague perception on the malfunctioning of a color of a solution. One might wonder uneasily of the credibility of such examination when the result would reflect heavily on the well being of another human.

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