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Sunday, 15 July 2018
Sunday, 15 July 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Resettlement accelerating fast PDF Print E-mail
60,000 Internally displaced persons had already been resettled on their native soils of north and East, Disaster Relief service Minister Abdul Risath Bathiyutheen Stated in a press conference held yesterday.

The minister further confirmed of the 2500 IDPs being resettled daily, the numbers would have increased much rapidly had it not been for the demining process of land mines which is pulling back the efficiency of resettlement considerably.

The remaining 185,000 internally displaced persons are being provided with all necessary day-to-day needs in their current inhabitance in welfare camps till the demining and the repairment of the infrastructure is complete and the civilians are safe to step on to their homelands.  

The Minister for Disaster Relief service point blackly refuted the false rumors spreading out to defame the government, of IDPs being held back forcibly in camps to target votes in advantage for the governing party in the oncoming Election Campaigns. Such mutilation of the real issue behind the resettling of IDPs is outrages and insubstantial, the minister further insisted in the press conference.

The resettled civilians are amply provided with necessary equipment and financial aid for the repairment of their homes and occupations which would acquire further requirements to settled back to its normal phase.
The government, presently handling the demining process with 14 de-mining machines is set out to purchase a further 10 machines for the speed up of the resettlement of IDPs.

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