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Wednesday, 19 September 2018
Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Alliance of Tamil speaking parties meet again PDF Print E-mail
The parties that came together to discuss the possibility of forming a broad based alliance of Tamil speaking parties have agrees to met once again.

At the meeting yesterday SLMC, TNA, PLOTE, EPRLF Pathmanaba group and DPF met at Renuka Hotel together to discuss about the possibility of forming a broad based Tamil speaking parties alliance.

The leaders of the parties and important leaders of each party met together to discuss on a common political agenda and have agreed on the main agenda to work together. The leaders have agreed to meet once again on Tuesday and hold a press conference after the discussion today.

The Secretary of the SLMC says the alliance of Minority Tamil speaking parties is not an alliance against the Sinhalese and wants to hold talks with the other Tamil speaking parties that did not come yesterday and join them too to work jointly towards getting the rights of the Tamil speaking communities. R. Sambandhan leader of TNA, Anandasangari the leader of TULF, Rauf Hakeem leader of SLMC, Sidharthan the leader of PLOTE were there at the discussion with the EPRLF Pathmanaba group members. At the discussion they agreed to form a common work plan and have decided to formulate the common proposal on Tuesday when they meet.

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