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Wednesday, 19 September 2018
Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Patriots, Traitors & J.B. Muller PDF Print E-mail
From the Editors of Sri Lanka Watch: Bravo Mr. Muller!  Your well written article paints a realistic picture of the current political situation in Sri Lanka.  we like your style, how you let all of the political types, off, without mincing your words.

However, it is not only sad that the opposition of this country is being annihilate like this, but it is also dangerous.  In a democracy there should be an opposition. No questions about that. We are all aware that the opposition is walking into oblivion on it’s own accord, and we the citizens are helpless to do anything but watch them commit political Hara Kiri.  It is bad enough that the opposition is so out of touch with the realities even in their own constituencies, but it is worse when they decide to open their mouths; they either go around addressing non issues or say something that will ensure the loss of a few thousand votes more.  

Their latest complain to the international community is that the opposition of this country is being branded as ‘traitors’.  When one goes around insulting our forces who were fighting the most ruthless terrorist outfit in the world, and when once this thirty year scourge comes to an end (only because of the unselfish sacrifices our valiant soldiers made and the correct and resilient political leadership) they want war crime charges brought against the very same people who saved this country from the terrorists.  

They have an uncanny knack to pick up on the slogans and the propaganda goals of the terrorists, even before the terrorists themselves do it, how they manage to synchronise these statements so well, really beats me. First, during the height of the war they both (LTTE & the opposition) cried genocide, then the poor standards in the IDP camps and now, War Crimes against the war heroes and the political leadership. Well, traitors they are, aren’t they?  
Bringing disrepute to this country like this, all for what? Just to come into power.  They undermine National Security, they insult and humiliate the people who saved this country, they are down right jealous of the war victory and we are yet to see such malicious and kindergarten politics being conducted anywhere else in the world.  
And not forget the biggest betray in the history of Sri Lanka since independence – The millennium Safe House – and its after effects to the national security of the country. This should be reminded to them over and over again, when they open their mouths to talk about patriotism.

we totally agree with Mr. Muller, that Mr. Rajapaksha should not only win the upcoming elections, but win them with a sizable margin, so that his hands will be strengthened further to steer this country towards the future it richly deserves.  

We re-publish the article that appierd on the “ Island”- Daiy news paper on the 20th October 2009.

Vox populi, vox Die - by J.B. Müller
Under the prevailing system of ‘democracy’ that this country’s leaders have espoused since 1931 and modified in 1972 and again in 1977, the People have spoken and delivered their verdict. President Rajapaksa’s party has won a two-thirds majority in the Southern Provincial Council elections recently concluded. The ‘Born Loser’ has been defeated once again and the self-styled revolutionaries were roundly rejected for both their record as well as their rhetoric.

The lesson to be learned from this fractious election campaign and the verdict is that the People are not morons to be manipulated by designing political leaders who take them for idiots. The ‘Born Loser’ and his party have been rejected once again (!) despite the bombastic claims made by his boot-lickers. There isn’t a single person amongst them of national leadership status and not one has even the glimmering of an idea how to solve the country’s pressing problems. The self-styled revolutionaries rant and rave, criticize and condemn and haven’t a bean of an idea either on how to transform Lanka into a ‘land flowing with milk and honey.’ And, therefore, the People have consigned the centre-right and the lunatic-left to the dung-heap as their appropriate destination.

The personal charisma of President Rajapaksa and his historic achievement of defeating the most malign terrorist organization in the world won him, very personally, the South. It should be noted that the UPFA candidates cannot boast either of their popularity or acceptance by the electorate because the UPFA lost about four per cent of its votes this time round. That, added to the number of people who simply ignored the entire election demonstrates a deep and growing disenchantment with the prevailing system. The People are simply fed-up with all the talk, the promises and pledges made and not kept, and the evidence before their eyes of both incomplete as well as abandoned ‘development’ projects that only went to fill some overfed slob’s pockets.

It would do President Rajapaksa to take a long and hard look at the figures, analyze these objectively and also find out why some candidates won whilst others lost miserably. The other message that the electorate has sent is that they will no longer waste their votes on sundry and various ‘independents’ or those who represent peculiar parties, splinter groups and individual wannabees.

The trend is clear—the People are tiring of coalition politics with its in-built weaknesses and fissiparous tendencies. They want a strong single party to run the country and that would be not an ‘alliance’ but the Sri Lanka Freedom Party under the enlightened leadership of Mahinda Rajapaksa. What is noteworthy here is that those other segments of the population that were designated ‘minorities’ now look to the President to really weld Sri Lanka’s heterogeneous population into ONE great nation proud of its heritage and its multicultural diversity. He was the first leader of national stature to recognize and acknowledge that all segments are fully co-equal and that the 31 per cent that were marginalized for so long were also fully part of the fabric of national life.

He is also the first to address the worldwide Diaspora of Sri Lankans and invite them back to transform Sri Lanka—their Motherland also. His statements on these matters that once deeply divided this country have given all those segments new hope of a better future for themselves and their children and grandchildren. Above all, he has understood that 33 years of bloody strife was as tragic as it was counter-productive and thus, there is no dominant majority and no subservient minorities, period. He has signaled that the era of politics that played up to the unholy trinity of ‘Race, Religion, and language’ was over. We can now enjoy our multi-ethnic/lingual/religious/and cultural diversity, making it the cornerstone of our strength as the sons and daughters of Mother Lanka pull together as brothers and sisters of ONE family.

History would one day recognize that President Rajapaksa’s greatest contribution was the forging of an unassailable unity, the creation (at last!) of ONE nation—the Sri Lankan nation and that it was this realization that led him to prosecute the war against terrorism with such vigour. Above all other political leaders since 1931, he realized that the one factor that could take Sri Lanka forwards, upwards and outwards was the bond of national unity and that meant respecting the personhood, dignity, and fundamental rights of all citizens irrespective of any other consideration or factor. He also recognized that the ordinary, average, decent, law-abiding folk throughout the country, in village, town and city, had to be given their rightful place in the Sun and that politics was not to pander to elite tax-dodgers, fraudsters, white-collar criminals, drug lords and the sundry other suave and oily excrescences found in urban society.
Indeed the established system has encouraged and supported rampant bribery and corruption throughout the Private and Public Sectors, [where there are takers, there are givers, too] the NGOs and in the Community Based Organizations. Many key segments such as the Police, the Judiciary, and politicians [at all levels] are corrupt beyond measure. All of this needs to be cleaned out by a strong government led by a resolute man who can take a decision and stick with it to the bitter end. Mahinda Rajapaksa is such a man and what he needs is the unqualified endorsement of the People to give him a strong hand to clean up the stinking mess of 78 years of malpractice, graft, and criminality.
Despite some people’s distaste for centre-left politics, it is this brand of politics espoused by the late Herbert Sri Nissanka and his friends that has been sensitive to the real, felt needs of the People. This is not the politics of the Right nor of the Revolutionaries but a middle course does that avoid extremes. The People have also seen the wisdom of such a course and have correctly rejected both those unsavory extremes.

He has to now think seriously about modifying the present constitution to more properly reflect the authentic ethos of the People, going back to the ‘roots,’ so to say. The levels of governance should also be restructured into three tiers—local, district and national, with clearly defined areas of responsibility and powers to go with those responsibilities and the country has home-grown models that served the people for millennia without social upheavals. He also has to have a more manageable ‘board of directors’ as his Cabinet and have it rigidly disciplined. Yes, the people have their eyes open now, are vigilant and will keep a careful watch on his every move because they want him to succeed and succeed well in his endeavour. After all, it is he who said: "There are those who love their Motherland, and those who don’t." He knows and the people know who loves Mother Lanka, and who love themselves above all. Vox populi, vox Dei, the voice of the People is the voice of God. The People have spoken.

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