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Friday, 17 August 2018
Friday, 17 August 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Beware of Dirty Sethu PDF Print E-mail
Sethurupan is an LTTE cowboy at large and a known friend of the failed Norwegian interests promoter in Sri Lanka, Erik Solheim. It is hoped in due course, the Government of Sri Lanka will set up a commission to study the roles of various overseas people who have in some way or other helped to promote terrorism in Sri Lanka. And also why terrorism took roots in the country.

 Sethurupan has been managing some pro-LTTE websites, the most notorious of them was Nitharsanam. He appears to have had the support of some Norwegian officials in this respect and even a lot more. Sethurupan has also attempted to hack other websites and has from time to time published false information. He was particularly hard on the media that was against terrorism of any kind and was a virulent supporter of Velupillai Prabhkaran.

He became quite a specialist in web-cloning, attempts to have websites that were already in existence but with slight changes that would not be noticeable except to the discerning eyes.

His exploits and violent activities in London are only too well known. Dirty Sethu will go down to any level of bullying and terrorism which in Jaffna is know as ‘chandithanam’ a means by which the powerful in the society keep the others in control.

He has the habit of making contacts with all kinds of everybody immaterial whether they are from the defence services or even politicians and took special delight in trying to be friends with the Leader of the Opposition Ranil Wickremasinghe. We do not say that Mr Wickremasinghe gave him any encouragement and may have tolerated his incursions into his life as a necessary evil to avoid having his stature affected by scandals this chap can invent. If that was his position, Mr Wickremasinghe should have got himself a Pit Bull to let Sethu have a taste of it the moment he entered his residence.

Sethurupan was known to have been quite close to Pottu Amman which had at times been a matter of concern to Prabhakaran.

 Sethurupan or otherwise known as Dirty Sethu is evil incarnate; may be even a mentally mixed up person because he has the habit of being friendly to harm others and harm others to be win their support by threat. We believe during the early stages he had received a great deal of support from Norwegian officials especially to run his web Nitharsanam against the Government of Sri Lanka.

Of late we came to know that not even Prabhakaran wanted to know this guy and had he stepped into Wanni he would never have got away from there. Now this cowboy at large wants to make friends with defence services people. He has even approached some websites to have some publicity.

He is also making much about calling the Norwegian police to raid LTTE cells in Norway as breeders of terrorism. Latest boast from him is that he wants to join the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka. 

But what does he want? Even he will not know because we feel that he needs medical help and probably a long internment in some facility that could help him from destroying himself. The ideal solution would be to lock him up and throw the key into the North Sea.

By Sandy Joseph in Oslo

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