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Friday, 17 August 2018
Friday, 17 August 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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New LTTE crooner wears petticoats PDF Print E-mail
Sri Lanka Watch Editorial Note: We loved the style of the focus on a woman who should have known better than to begin her pro-LTTE campaign with the figures given by the rogue news constructor Tamilnet when the mission she was charged with under the aegis of the UN Human Rights Council was something else.

On that distinct lack of credibility she should have been fired by the United Nations. The Tamils have a just cause and that cannot be served by violent means and false propaganda. We do not point fingers at this lady and say she was bought over by the LTTE which has been their practice; not at all. But an official like her must not expose herself to be even suspected of such because what other interests has she to depend on data that are known and proved to be false? And they come from LTTE source.
For reasons which can only be subject to educated guesses, fingers have been pointed at the country from the west; not the east, north or south; just the west by certain characters associated with that hemisphere. And the government has had their hands full in dealing with such types of intruders,  who after  whirlwind tours of the ‘war affected areas’ refugee camps and ‘no fire zones’ carry back half baked views which they splash about in gay abandon all over the world.

The suspicion that these delegates and delegations have been fed with wrong information by interested parties or that they are part time employees of those with vested interests is therefore justified.

The government has been transparent enough in a war said to have taken over seventy-thousand lives and caused extensive and almost unredeemable damage to the country in three decades.

The psyche of the people is another story. Consequently, there is room to believe that there are enemies of the state within and without who are interested in destabilizing a war torn sovereign state struggling to keep its neck above water.

This pattern is not a strange one or a new phenomenon. History has shown how western intruders barge into countries in a state of turmoil and put them off equilibrium to cause further chaos. The motives of these wily predators surface only later–after the damage has been done.

It will be plain to anyone that western fingering from various quarters gathered momentum when the government moved away from the kid glove treatment of the Tigers and began to physically muzzle the ‘sole representatives of the Tamil people.’ It took the world over a decade to realize that the LTTE who called themselves ‘freedom fighters’ etc. was just a terror group.  Consequently many western countries ‘banned’ the LTTE. The strange thing was that despite this veto, the LTTE managed to carry on as usual in the countries where they were named as a ‘rogue’ group.

The ban on the LTTE restricted to paper was eyewash. It is evident even now that this status quo continues with the advent of even newer pro-LTTE players from the most unexpected quarters, a situation which confirms that the Tigers had and still have ‘western support.’

Female fingering

This show of unwelcome umpires ‘putting fingers into the Sri Lankan curry were so much in the news, there was no room for other news. Recently, a curry lover with Tiger blood in her who hugged the limelight was a woman.

“Thuhooot! Hey, Tommo, who is this dame crooning about ‘Rights’? She is in the news big time.” Ooty the owl was reading news in their boss’s ‘Daily Dodger.’

“Meeoww! Ah, that one. She is an Un-united nations HR she-chief, Navvi-thami Pulli. She had been a former war crimes judge somewhere or other,” explained the owl’s pal, Tommo, a pussycat.

“From where the hell did she emerge?”

“God knows. But everybody knows she is an ethnic Tamil from South Africa.”

“Hooot. That explains her Star-Trek like beaming down in the interest of the Tamil Tigers. And good heavens! She has a way with words doesn’t she? Just cap this,” said the owl and began reading off the Daily Dodger. ‘I believe that accountability is a must to attain justice and reconciliation for all the people of Sri Lanka to find lasting peace. However, I stress that reconciliation is impossible without a full reckoning of transgressions.’ What the hell do all those jaw breakers mean, Tommo?”

Breaking new crooner’s code

“Meeoww. Ask me another! Okay let’s go word by word, shall we? ‘Accountability’ means responsibility, answerability…”

“Toot! Whose accountability is this dame talking about? If she is talking only about the responsibility of the armed forces and not the Tiger terrorists’ responsibilities, it’s bloody unfair…”

“Her crooning only hints at it.  But when I think of the circumstances of her appearance on stage, I think she means the government and the armed forces, maybe the LTTE also, just for appearance sake of neutrality. As an ex-judge she has to pretend to be fair and just, hasn’t she? Her next word; ‘reconciliation’ means reunite or patch up. Now don’t ask me what she wants patched up.”

“Thuhoooot! Whatever that is, it’s going to take some doing. What about the next three words ‘full reckoning of transgressions?’ ”

“Ahhh, that. From what I know, it means taking ‘a full count of offences, misdeeds, crimes and so on.’”

“Toot! This dame’s UN talk goes round and round the mulberry bush.  Perhaps this is the way these Un-united types talk– tongue in cheek and tonsils. Anyway I see that she does not harp on the period of time the ‘full reckoning of transgression’ has to cover to reach whatever reconciliation she is talking about.”

A singing judge?

“Tommo, look at the timing of her entry into the drama. This singing ex-judge, Pulli, begins her Tamilian hymns when the isolated Tigers were having near death experiences on a beach. She is more interested in the last stages of the war when hordes of Tamil ladies and gentlemen in far off lands sitting in front of room heaters are accusing our governors of things they imagine.”

“I thought this dame was an ex-war crimes judge! Hell, Tommo, aren’t judges supposed to be impartial?”

“Meoowwyep. (Yep) But as a Tamil born in South Africa she must have gone through that ‘black’ and ‘white’ period they called apartheid. You know the one old Mandela fought against tooth and nail?”

“So, what are you getting at?”

“That means that this madam Pulli has been weaned on South African ‘white law.’ So, some white supremacy jam has rubbed on to her bread. It’s no wonder she has got her law cockeyed and is trotting along with white buffoonery all the way. I really wonder what her performances were as a war crimes judge, Ooty. The poor beggars hauled before her courts must have got landed with sentences laced with white sauce.”

White sauce is bad for health

“Sure! That stuff is bad for the health too. Judges, including ex-judges are also human and being human they are open to emotions. They also say, ‘Frailty, thy name is woman.’”

“What the hell is that? I have not heard that before.”

“I am surprised, Ooty. All males have experienced disasters owing to that female frailty thing inbuilt in women. Add that to Judge Pulli with blood connections to Tamil Tigers and the clout of UNHCR, her employer, what do you expect? An unbiased approach towards the stinking ‘Chauvinist Sinhala Buddhist majority government’ giving the stick to her Tamil brothers?”

“Toot, toot. Pulli minus her legal cloak has chosen to ignore the past 30 years when her LTTE brothers ran amok like mad dogs. They murdered top Lankan leaders, blew away Rajiv and heaps of their own people, Tamils, who did not tow the LTTE line. They massacred 800 odd policemen who surrendered and mowed down samaneras.

They were also on to child recruitment, drug trade, arms trade, taking kappan, and suicide bombings. They are certainly guilty of ethnic cleansing as they hacked to death hundreds of villagers and chased away thousands of Muslims from their homes in what the Tigers claim was their homeland. In the ‘attainment of justice and reconciliation with full reckoning of transgressions,’  the ex-judge has turned a blind eye that-a-way. Anyway how is she hoping to go into Tiger war crimes unless Prabha and his cronies are resurrected from the dead? But then, no self-respecting God will do that. In that knowledge, our judge who can’t accept the knock-out punch her LTTE pals got is hoping to clobber the government with alleged war crimes. It’s pure revenge, nothing else.”

Enter High-Noon without Gary Cooper

“Where the hell was this singing ex-judge all those years? Where were UNHCR and the western baritones? I tell you, Ooty, the buggers were not sleeping. Their pet, the LTTE were on top. So why bother? Jitters time and butt-in time came when their Tiger pals were getting plastered by the armed forces. So, though these characters lost the recent vote at the Un-united house for a pow-wow over war crimes issues in Sri Lanka, the buggers are still insisting in having one. And besides Pulli and her beloved koti bappas and aunties, a Mr High-Noon, (no, he has no connection with the cowboys) CEO of Un-united Ltd., has also butted in to support Her Honour! The question is why are they going those extra miles?”

“Thuhoot! It’s simple, Tommo. In a day when a woman in a white Parliament has been found charging her husband’s porn DVD rentals as government expenditure, it is nothing for Un-united types to be the beneficiaries of parties interested in an Eelam in Sri Lanka. Vested interests and big do-re-me, make strong bonds, Tommo.”

End could be dramatic

“Meeooww. Thank God our lokkas have the stuff in them to tell these characters to go to hell. As for the crooning judge, the righteous Pulli, she has placed her head on an international chopping block.”

“Toot! With pissed off pro-Lankan fellows breathing down his collar, Mr High-Noon too will have to watch his back if he is to last his innings.

Courtesy; Daily Mirror

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