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Wednesday, 19 September 2018
Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Deepavali festivals in welfare camps PDF Print E-mail
Five Deepavali Festivals are been organized in cooperation with the National Youth Services Council and Youth Affairs in welfare camps at Vavuniya and Settikulam.
The Deepavali festivals will be held in 'Arunachalam Ramanathan', 'Ananda Kumaraswamy', 'Kadirgamar' and Zone No. 4 relief camps to coincide with the Government's Uthuru Wasanthaya Thurunu Saviya program.

Deepavali Massages

President Rajapakse
"Symbolizes victory of good over evil"
Deepavali known as the Festival of Light symbolizes the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance.
Celebrated by Hindus the world over, Deepavali marks the progress that humans have made in the constant struggle for a better life in keeping with the great spiritual values of Hinduism. It is in this sense a celebration of the spiritual prosperity of people, too.
Today our society is able to celebrate this great festival with a spirit of unity that is marked by the increased harmony and understanding among all our people, irrespective of ethnic, religious and other differences that have kept them apart for a long period.
As the Hindus of Sri Lanka, join their fellow believers the world over in the joyous spirit of Deepavali, we are now at the threshold of a new era, where the suffering faced by the Hindu community will be a thing of the past; and they could all look forward to living in peace and harmony in the comfort and tranquility of their own homes.
May the light of goodwill and peace dispel the darkness of terror and hatred that prevailed in our land.
I wish all Hindu devotees a happy and peaceful Deepavali, President Rajapaksa said in this Deepavali message.

Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayake
‘Deepavali teaches to live as good citizens’
Through his office Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayake has released the following message for Deepavali festival today:
Deepavali is a festival which teaches people to live as good citizens.
This is a festival which is based on a godly concept of lighting lamps which signifies the lighting up the minds of the people by defeating the darkness created by unjust thoughts and actions. Their minds are lit up with just thoughts.
Our nation has suffered for more than 30 years because of the actions of unjust men. That bitter experience would never diminish from our memories.  But that ugly period is over now and goodness prevails.
A society which understands the value of humanity is needed to sustain that goodness. Deepavali paves the way for this. May this festival fulfill this need.

UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe
‘Displaced people should get back home’
“Deepavali is a festival which signifies the pureness of mind and torrent of pleasure one can get by defeating all kinds of unjust and unfair components.
This festival is celebrated in Sri Lanka at a time where anarchy prevails in the country.
I hope the festival would be made meaningful by allowing the displaced people to get back to their villages as soon as possible.

All Ceylon Hindu Congress
Deepavali is a day on which lights are lit with prayers to dispel darkness and restore light in the lives of the people.
We are in a critical juncture in the history of this country with a number of internally displaced persons in camps.
All Ceylon Hindu Congress is continuing its services to the needy people and in the process we have been rendering all possible assistance to the internally displaced persons and in particular to those who have now joined the University of Jaffna back in their studies.
At the same time we have also accepted the request of the Government of Sri Lanka to assist the Government in its rehabilitation projects. We therefore appeal to the Hindus to pray for the salvation of their brothers and sisters who are suffering from various problems so that they will have salvation by the grace of His Almighty.
Let us all pray to His Almighty on Deepavali day and resolve to assist those who need our assistance.

Pontifical Council for inter religious Dialogue of the Vatican
President of the Dialogue Cardinal Jeantouis Tauran said.
“It is my joy to greet you in the name of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue; a Happy Deepavali Religious Festivals enable us to revitalize our relationship with God and one another.
“May this festival of Lights, while elevating our minds and hearts towards God, the Supreme Light, strengthen fellowship among us and bless us all with happiness and peace.
Honouring the tradition of this Pontifical Council to share a thought on matters of common concern, I would like to propose this year that we reflect on the need to work together for integral human development.

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