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Friday, 17 August 2018
Friday, 17 August 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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New chapter opens for LTTE media man PDF Print E-mail
The notorious Tamil eccentric and a violent man, who enjoyed the patriotic support all these while for propping up the LTTE in his creative websites, and many other websites founded and managed by him is determinedly making a move as part of survival exercise to go against the LTTE that he actively propagated and used as a tool for his own financial survival all these while.

Backed by pro-LTTE sympathisers worldwide, Nadarajah Sethurupan earned his notorious name as Dirty Sethu for his overt and unprincipled conduct to wreck individuals in his lethal and clandestine websites. His anti-social and violent conduct reached the peak (and also the end) when he was found guilty at the Harrow Crown Court over a break-in attempt and disturbance in front of Tamil Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) in London. He was given a suspended sentence and an exclusion order from entering the Harrow area and asked to pay a fine to the victims of the incident. He has not still discharged the Court fine though kept away from visiting London since the Court Order.

Sethurupan came under pressure to disown his self earned identity with the LTTE. Under compulsion, he had to give up the use of LTTE logos and titles he liberally used to espouse the LTTE. Unemployed Sethurupan is currently living in Oslo, allegedly had collected large sums of money as donations from many Tamils in Europe to extend his nefarious campaign work.

The journalism practiced by Sethurupan was scandalous and uncharacteristic. The websites he operated were registered under fictitious host names and addresses. When pressures were put on the web providers, he kept on moving the sites and changed the names and web addresses. He progressively became an expert in internet surfing and was able to carryout degenerated, denigrated and blatantly hostile campaign against individuals whom he targeted to win the support of the LTTE sympathisers.

Having lost grounds recently, Dirty Sethu is making strenuous efforts to come off his dungeon.  When his websites became unpopular,(some disappeared from the computer screens and few reached the standstill stage) he wrote to some of his campaign victims stating that he takes exception that he is called Dirty Sethu and went on to threaten websites exposing his modes operandi.

After maintaining relative silence for some months, he is now attempting to re-emerge using the changing politico-military situation in Sri Lanka. Dirty Sethu sent emails to many people recently stating that he was attacked by the LTTE men in Oslo. It seems, unemployed Sethurupan managed to reach the Sri Lankan government military establishment in his latest campaign. The state army media found some opportunistic credence in the nefarious character and published his story to earn sympathy for him and as part of its campaign against the LTTE. This news was later reproduced by the state media ‘Daily News’.

Sources known to Dirty Sethu sates, he is facing financial difficulties as he is entirely dependent on his wife’s earnings as a care-worker. He is said to be attempting to forge new relationships to have is way and his campaign appears to target the Sri Lankan establishment.

Some say Dirty Sethu’s family credentials could give him better access to Sri Lanka military-intelligence establishment. According to reports, his father was said to be the official astrologer of the Sri Lankan air force to decide on auspicious times to bomb LTTE targets in the north. 

By R. Jayadevan


Report in the Sri Lanka media:

LTTE threatened Oslo journalist to meet Police Head

More than 12 youngsters, subjected to LTTE extortions and death threats in Norway, were to seek an urgent meeting with Norway's Director of Police Ingelin Killengren since the Norwegian Police have so far failed to take LTTE threats and atrocities with deserving seriousness.

The disclosure on Norwegian National Television (NRK) on Wednesday came in the wake of an interview given by the Oslo-based Tamil journalist, Nadaraja Sethurupan, who had been assaulted, harassed and threatened with death by Norway-Oslo based Tigers more than 10 times in the past two years.

Sethurupan who has been living in Norway for more than eight years, has covered the Norway initiated Sri Lankan peace process for media and has been a contributor to many media networks.

The Oslo-based journalist has gone on record saying that Tigers during an LTTE protest before Norwegian Parliament building (Stortinget) on May 15 was brutally assaulted.

"A few weeks ago, outside the US Embassy in Oslo, myself and my family were given final death threats by Tigers, asking me to stop writing against them.

The Oslo-based journalist has gone on record saying that Tamil Tigers during an LTTE protest before Norwegian Parliament building (Stortinget) on May 15 was brutally assaulted.

"A few weeks ago, outside the US Embassy in Oslo, myself and my family were given final death threats by Tigers, asking me to stop writing against them. They do not like what I write and threaten me to write what they want." "When they assaulted me on May 15 outside Norwegian parliament squeezing my testicles and kicking in my stomach, I managed to get hold of a Policeman and kept him informed.

Tigers are so powerful in Norway that they hold all Tamil civilians hostage against extortions and those opposing them run the risk of being threatened with death by Tigers."

Those threats have been reported to the Police many times, but nothing has happened up until now. There is an ongoing deep divisions among Tamil Tigers and I believe those who advocate continuation of LTTE violent campaign would succeed.

"Threats on me and other Tamils in Norway would continue, though Tigers have been wiped out in Sri Lanka.

Tigers have held Norwegian Tamils captive in Norway," the journalist was featured saying.


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