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Saturday, 22 September 2018
Saturday, 22 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Responsibility of the voters, Hobbies of the UNP and JVP. PDF Print E-mail
From the Editors of Sri Lanka Watch. The Government won the Southern PC polls convincingly along with a string of other elections they won. But amidst of all these successes we still see a tendency developing to the bad.

This time the south PC elections voter turnout was low as 65%. But when one looks carefully, the past Uva polls had 70% voter turnout, western PC 63.2% central PC 66.4% Northwestern PC 60.7% Sabaragamuwa 68.4% eastern province 65.7%.

It could be due to so many elections held frequently. But the number of people who did not use their votes this time in the South elections has been 30%.

The South always felt the pulse of the Nation.

This 30% are clearly the voters who have protested silently. They have not given their vote to any party. If they were against the ruling party the 30% would have voted either to UNP or the JVP. No, these voters have not been against the present Government but has sent a clear sign that they are not approving how things were done in the southern Polls by UPFA. And further more, the sutherners sent the imported UPFA candidates to the back seat of the winners list. That's another proof how the south mind works.

The Vote is the weapon a common citizen has to express his or her views in a democratic system. The south has not let down the present Regime but has sent a silent signal which they should understood clearly.
Knowing the hot blood in the south we expected the Election Day to be full of violence. We got a taste of it with pre-election clashes, abuses and exchange of harsh words. But Saturday was very peaceful day. What a remarkable improvement.
An example that can be developed further for the up and coming elections in the future.

Things we don’t expect happen in this world happen all the time. That’s how Barak Obama got the Nobel Prize for peace without doing anything for it. He has not been able to stop the war in Iraq nor in Afghanistan. And not even a solution in Gaza Israel problem.  But he still gets the Nobel Prize. So we would not wonder if one day Velupillai Prabhakaran or Bin Laden would get Gandhi award from India, UNESCO Peace Award form the UN or Karls Prize from Germany.

Democracy functions well with a good opposition in any country of the world. If it not the case, then there is something wrong in the opposition. In Sri Lanka’s democracy the biggest problem is not that the ruling party is too powerful, but it’s the weakness to build a good democratic opposition truly for the sake of the nation. It is alarming to observe how UNP and the JVP facing one flop after another.

Let’s leave the UNP aside for a moment, which lost the 18th election on Saturday. But the JVP is a party that should be active in Sri Lanka politics. They were always considered as intellectuals and active since the 70s. South is the homeland of the JVP. But the reality of the present JVP was shown in the polls on Saturday.

The JVP was built by the young blood without any fraud and with all the good intentions. They were crushed twice and were able to stand up again. But if they are to be crushed by the voters for the third time it could be the final for them.

Loosing election has become a hobby for the UNP because their leader finds election victories a menace. Their present leader behaviour within the UNP party is everything else other than democratic and liberal. UNP s failure is the success of the present Govt. As long as the UNP leader plays a major role as the opposition leader, the UNP will stay a hobby party.

The present Government has understood these weaknesses of the oppersition very well. They knew and still know how to convince the masses to win an Election.

That is the deference between a hobby political party and a professional political party.

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