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Wednesday, 19 September 2018
Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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The hunt for key LTTE arms dealers and front activists PDF Print E-mail
A source form the defence establishment said Intelligence agencies are now on a hunt for several high profile LTTE front agents and arms dealers alleged for transnational terrorist activities including drug trafficking and human smuggling.

The agencies have tracked the LTTE agents who are alleged to have links with many other terrorist organizations. Making their base in foreign countries, these terror agents had worked clandestinely supporting and abetting LTTE's perpetrated crimes against humanity.

The hunt is a combined international effort of the intelligence circles along with the concerned law enforcement agencies.

Sivarasa Pirundaban alias Achchudan alias Suresh, Ravi Shanker Kanagarajah alias Shangili, Bahitharan alias Bhavi, Narendran Rathnasabapathi alias Naren, Ganeshruban alias Ruban, Ponnaiah Anandarajah alias Aiyya alias Rajah alias Aiyyanna are alleged to be under intense scrutiny.

Acchchudan has provided LTTE with technical assistance and training for its pilots on air suicide missions in 1998 including the 2003-2004 CFA period. He is alleged to have co-coordinated LTTE's air raids in Colombo via satellite communication from his overseas base station. According to reports, Achchudan owns many air assets in overseas.

Ravi Shanker alias Shangili is a Sri Lankan passport holder who had claimed bogus asylum shying from Canadian immigration authorities. He is a key LTTE gunrunner also alleged of human smuggling, who owns three vessels which are currently under operation and registered in Panama. According to informed sources, these vessels were used as floating LTTE warehouses cum armories. Shangili also runs a LTTE network with agents based in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Meanwhile, agencies have also turned the spot light towards Bhavi, another key LTTE figure who runs the terrorist outfit's far eastern based illegal activities, involving its shipping fleet. He is also said to own a large share of LTTE's overseas assets including business ventures in real estate and shipping.
Ruban is also said to own a large share of LTTE's overseas assets including real states, in East Asian countries.

Naren is another key figure of the LTTE's foreign procurement arm with diversified businesses in real estate and share-markets, according to sources. Alleged for many illegal arms procurement deals Naren has also reportedly been twice deported by Singaporean authorities.

This hunt for terror supports is a result of a much determined and months of coordinated efforts of intelligence circles.

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