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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Cabinet Ministers have attended PONGU TAMIL Festivals” -TNA Attorney PDF Print E-mail
It was reveled at the chief Magistrate court in Colombo yesterday, that some Cabinet ministers of the government have also attended the Pongu Tamil festivals held in the last few years with the intention of showing LTTE their support. But no investigations have been held about this violating the constitution.

Appearing on behalf of some TNA MPs that attended the Pongu Tamil festival in Germany, Attorney at law K.D. Thawarasa revealed this arguing for his client. He pointed out that any allegations about violating the constitution by some person can only heard at the Appeal court. And if any member of a recognized political party did the same violation, that can be heard at the Supreme Court. He argued that the Magistrate court has no powers to do so.

He also said that four TNA MPs are being tried against attending a Pongu Tamil festival. But until the CFA signed in 2002 was finally abolished. But no investigations have been done against the ministers in the government who visited pongu Tamil festivals at that time violating the constitution.
 After listing to the arguments my Attorney K. D. Thawarasa, ordered to file further details in this regard on the 3rd of November after obtaining necessary advice from the attorney general.

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