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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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The Price paid for mental slavery. PDF Print E-mail
By Sri Lanka Watch Editor - Germany.

The Western countries that did not support Sri Lanka during the war against LTTE terror, have begun to play an anti Sri Lankan role during the post war period, as well. Some have no qualms about openly engaging in this role, yet there are others who have adopted a more subtle underhand approach. The recent statement made by US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, at the last Security Council session of the UN where she was chairing, bares evidence to the above .

Western European countries like Norway, Germany, England and France have also contributed greatly to create an anti Sri Lankan sentiment internationally by giving undue attention to even the smallest possible shortcoming by the government during the post war period, like alligations of poor  facilities in IDP camps, however, ignoring to comment or correct the situations in IDP camps in Afganistan.

The Western countries who pressurised Sri Lanka to halt the war, are supporting speculated accusasions against the Sri Lankan forces to have committed war crimes during the war against the LTTE, by this they are also trying to bring international pressure against Sri Lanka itself for having committed war crimes. These same Western powers are not willing to discuss or probe into any kind of speculations against themselves for similar violations, publicly. Attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq are the recent examples where these Western nations were involved and accused of similar violations.

Sri Lanka has to persistnatly prove her innoicence to the world against one accusation or the other, violations of international law or atrocities commited against civilians during her war against terror. The resistance by Sri Lanka against the constant pressure meted out on her for various issues by the the West, is often interprited by the West, deliberately or otherwise, as Sri Lanaka being anti West. They refuse to accept the fact that Sri Lanka is a sovereign country and has a right to clear her name against all the accusations thrown at her, and the same way she also has to withstand undue pressure and interferance in it's internal affairs by other countries

Another noticeable fact is the role of many INGOs and NGOs in this whole game who are aiding and abeting in many conspiracies against the demoicratically elected government of Sri Lanka.  Their investments in forces working against the government of Sri Lanka as well as their expectations by their supporting such forces, are huge. However, some of these INGOs are investing invain, they seem to disregard the obvious trends in the country in their obsessive frenzy to bring their desired candidate to power. What worries us is the damage they are doing to Sri Lanka, internationally, in this process.

Has Sri Lanka moved away from the West? Or is it the West that has moved away from Sri Lanka?

In order to understand the above, one must go back to the colonial period. and examine the aims and objectives of the Western countries at that time. Former empires like the Great Britain, Germany, Spain and France exploited weaker nations under colonial rule. They accumilated  vast amounts of wealth and ruled in a major part of the world from the 16th Century until the mid 20th century.  However, their empires started to crumble and they were compelled to grant independence to their colonies.

The colonists left their colonies physically after leaving many tell tale signs behind, however, they could never totally disengage themselves from their former subjects.  Hence, they made sure that they created some coloured ladies and gentlemen, who swore allegence to the former colonists come rain or shine. That was one of the ways of keeping a tab on their former colonies and  continuing their authority in them, in their physical absence. The colonists believed in 'devide and rule', which they never abandoned even after they left. They wanted the internal chaos and friction they created among the various races living in these countries to continue even after they leave. Which paved an easy way to continue to exlpoit, their former colonies.  Sri Lanka is a good example of such 'divide and rule' policy of the colonist. They created mistrust, anger and insecurity between the minorities and the mojority Sinhalese race, which later develops into a fully blown war.

The colonising powers made sure that their former colonies were in some way or the other dependent on them, either economically, militarity, technologicall or politically.  A Web of deception was woven around these poor countries and they were made to believe, that if they continue to stay with their colonial masters they would prosper, like the former.

The West or the former colonists' intention was to keep their former colonies in a state of continued 'mental slavery', where they run to their lords and masters for every little thing.  The West had an excellent ploy under their sleeve, i.e. whenever a former colony came to them for help they made sure that the help is granted but with many strings attached to it. Another of their strategies was to give these former colonies enough rope to hang themselves, since continued strife or conflicts benefited  the Western powers, economically, they encouraged the poor devils to kill each other more and more.

This process of subtly controlling their former colonies continue even to this day. The most recent approach adopted by the West is to act as the watch dogs of democracy, Human Rights or some such lofty fixation. The countries whom they think are not obedient enough to their demands are punished by either way of economic sanctions or accusations of crimes against humanity or whatever that is apealing to their Western societies and whatever that can bring in more and more power and wealth, to them. The pressure and punishments meted out to many of the former colonies result in them giving in to their their former lords and masters, which allows the West to take the upperhand, like always.

Well, in Sri Lanka’s case, strangely though, she was able to break-away to an extent from this ideological barrier with the defeating of the Tamil Tigers, militarily. Also, because the military campaign was carried out without the blessings of the West, Sri Lanka was able to prove them wrong.  The Country proved them selves right.  Sri Lanka won a war which was believed to be unwinnable!

By solving her problem, which ofcours they created, the Sri Lankan way, without their expert advice, Sri Lanka proved to the world that she can take correct decisions for her problems, on her own.  Sixty years after independance from the Colonists, Sri Lanka  freed her self from the 'mental slavery', forever!

The West reached out to support Sri Lanka offering assistance in many different ways.  They called it development aid, but they always came with strings or rather ropes attached to them, these ropes were meant to keep Sri Lanka tied to them in more ways than one. The present Government of Sri Lanka understood the west interest behind these 'money bags'. They set an example not only to the powerful West but also to the smaller or poorer states of this world, what it means to be sovereign, what it means to be free, by defeating a terrorist outfit identified as the 'most ruthless terrorist organisation of the world', which is the LTTE.

This title “most ruthless terror outfit” was confirred upon the LTTE by the West, not by Sri Lanka. Why was this title given to the LTTE?  To phsycologically defeat the decision makers of Sri Lanka, to instill in them a defeatist mentality, before they could ever attempted to physically destroy this group.  they wanted decision makers to believe that, “we cannot win this war without the help of the west”. This was one of their clever gambits to keep Sri Lanka within their spere of control, and to destroy her self confidence.

The present government demarcated the borders within which the Westerners can act in Sri Lanka. Lo and behold! This actuality was a little too much for the "'Huge Western Ego". They were shamed and offended. Annoyed with Sri Lanka for daring to act as a sovereign nation, they have now unleashed their wrath on this country.

Well, yes they are angry because Sri Lanka has put a firm stop to what these Western nations have been taking for granted since our independence. Their interference, influencing, dictating terms, fingering in and manipulating in the internal affairs of our nation, has been forced to reduce, since, Sri Lanka was able to crush the LTTE with her own strength. There was no NATO support like in Afghanistan. No UN or US forces on Sri Lankan soil. The Super Powers were made to sit as a spectator and watch with their mouths open as we fought our own war against terror, and won it too. What an unbearable embarrassment to the mighty Western nations?

This was also a major blow to the 'know alls' in the INGOs whose existance and funds depend on crisis like ours.  Well, they had limited access and opportunities to meddle in our conflict, with their Conflict Management & Resolution, Provision of Relief Measure, tactics. The INGOs usually pretent to be mediators or facilitators between conflicting parties, or the good samaritans, but in reality they are also the “field forces” of the funders, who are usually the Western nations who still try to show their authority within a country. The refusal by the government of Sri Lanka to include and involve the INGO band wagon in our conflict further wounded the Western ego.

The icing on the cake of this situation was the defiance of the Head of State of Sri Lanka.  He simply refused to obey the Super Powers like the US, Germany, France and England , where all previous leaders have gladly bowed down to the West and accepted their half baked solutions to this conflict whether they suited us or not.

This time around the game was played differently in Sri Lanka by a man who was little known to the West. A man who loves his country second to none. A man named Mahinda Rajapakse. He was not from a high class “Walauwa”, like the Bandaranaikas, the Senanayakes or the Jayawardanes.  He was a humble man from the deep south of Sri Lanka.

But he had the audacity to stand up against the former colonial masters who kept their former subjects in 'mental slavery'.

His mind was ticking differently. Something, the West never anticipated from a small nation like Sri Lanka. But it happened.

The mighty Western ego was slighted, it was challenged, it was wounded and bleeding seriously. They felt insulted, but without a reason.

It is this challenge to their ego that has made them furious and they consider this scorn a punishable offence. Well, yes and they are punishing the present government, this government who told them something different from all the previous governments since 1948. The 'spoilt child' champions of democracy doesn't want any dissent among their former colonies; isn't that ironic??

It is a natural insticnt in all living beings, when one is hurt he/she would react by hitting back at the pertpetrator and try to hurt him/her back or distance one's self from the perpetrator so that he/ she won't get hurt again. Therefore it is not Sri Lanka who has moved away from the West, but the West who has walked away from their 'ego buster'.

As long as they are hurt, the West will try to unleash their vehemence on Sri Lanka. Try somehow to get her back within their control zones. The Western nations will use any method or strategy, within and outside Sri Lanka to fulfill their aims and to regain their lost control. However, it is important for the West to realise that the knots they have tied around the Sri Lankans are giving way and more and more Sri Lankan are breaking free from that status of 'mental slavery'. Sorry Sri Lanka might not be ready to message your egos anymore.

Finally, the price paid by a nation to free itself from 'mental slavery' is justified!   

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