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Wednesday, 19 September 2018
Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Rudrakumar Refused Entry to Germany PDF Print E-mail
The German authorities have prevented the new leader of the LTTE, entering the country in the guise of a human rights activist, according to reliable information received.
Rudrakumaran who is a US citizen and an Indian Film director were going to be the key speakers at a mass demonstration, some TNA parliamentarians still living abroad were also to join them.

The gathering was to be held last Sunday the 27th, the day when Germany went to polls to elect a new Chancellor and a new government.

Responsible for organizing the gathering is an organization called, “Tamil Makkal Elutchi Kulu” (Enlightenment Council of the Tamil people), a front organisation of the LTTE. The gathering was
to be held in front of the Federal State Parliament of Northrhein Westphalia where the biggest Tamil community  resides.

The organisers’ made publicity of this public gathering only in tamil with the aim of pretending it o be a gathering on behalf of the IDP s in Sri Lanka but their hopes were rudely dashed on the floor when many hours of waiting for Rudrakumaran did not bring any positive results, hence, they were forced to call off the gathering on Sunday.

According to a very reliable tamil souce, the german intelligence services are getting more coorperation than before from the sri lankan tamil community about the activities of the LTTE front organisation in German soil since demolishing the LTTE outfit in Sri Lanka. Many Sri Lankan Tamils are disappointed and feel that the front runners of the LTTE have cheated them. In some cases they have been demanding back the money what they have been paying for the Eelam dream for years. There have been many clashes due such demands in the Sri Lankan Tamil community in Germany in the past months.
The German law prevents, any person, immaterial of his nationality to engage in direct or indirect propaganda for terrorist organizations, deliver speeches or lectures which influence the masses. The focus in this case was especially on the Tamil Diaspora in Germany, on German soil.

The LTTE is under continuous surveillance by the German Intelligence Authorities (Verfassungschutz) and is also listed as a terrorist organizations in the European Union. However, it’s front organisations are continuing to operate, without any hindrance, from the law enforcing authorities, in Germany. Their work is especially evident among the Tamil Diaspora in Germany and the unsuspecting the German society.

The decision not to allow Rudrakumanran entry to Germany was prudently taken, by the government of Germany, since, it may have been too much of an embarrassment for the decision makers if they allowed a front organisation of one of the most dangerous terrorist outfits in the world to hold a gathering in Germany, on the day of electing their representatives to the parliament.  It would have been rather ironical too, on the day Germany was democratically electing their parliament, if a group (LTTE) who has continuously threatened the very fabric of democracy for thirty years, was allowed to preach in German soil.

It seems like that none of the political parties wanted to take a chance of losing a vote for their party on that decisive day.

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