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Thursday, 18 October 2018
Thursday, 18 October 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Canada’s LTTE advocates mislead the Tamil Diaspora PDF Print E-mail

By Victor Karunairajan

Are they fanatics, fantasists, frauds, terrorists
or jokers; any chance they are realists?

Mr Subramaniam Masillamany alias Subra Massie runs the Tidol Corporation in Scarborough, Ontario. This company manufactures industrial cleaning liquids and some special brands of detergents.

He proudly claims to be one of the top advocates of the LTTE in Canada, if not the “toppest” and still waits for the Tigers to take over Sri Lanka so that he can return to his motherland to set up Asia’s largest detergent plant at Kilinochchi in the Wanni.

He bets labour there will be very cheap and also he will not be bothered with tough environmental laws as in Canada. He says what he pays for his two ladies in Canada he can have forty if not more in the Wanni.

He blamed Prabakaran for not using effectively the types of arms he too helped to supply through generous donations he had made regularly to their agents.

But he said that in his lifetime, New Tigers will rise and the story then will be different. According to him, his New Tigers will be invisible to enemy eyes. One would wonder whether he is talking about some microbiological tiger species!

“We have a lot to learn from the scorpions, as armed as they are,” he once commented.

Between sips of the liquid joy by which he swears often and says precious for his relaxation, he said he would love to help families in the Wanni with some small handouts mainly to cultivate their friendship. When reminded of these two days later, he could not remember he made that kind of offer.

What he offered was a small booster investment for five families followed with five more families. Obviously it was a boast to impress others present.

I was told later that it was his custom to make offers and promises whenever he holds the glass in the evenings. A night’s sleep wipes them away from his memory bank.

Now this Mr Massie loves to see his writing and name in print as an advocate of the LTTE or the New Tigers he is so determined to breed like scorpions with the venom of a viper.

He calls himself a world class Tamil, the attributes of such a Tamil has never been defined. He manages a kind of blog solely to beat his own drum obviously empty rather the “Thani Thavil” and calls it “World Class Tamil” and does his offbeat “chamas” not keeping to any rule fair, foul or fetid.

He seemed most familiar with the kitchen waste of the Rajapakse family and how he reckoned that from 14,000 kilometres away was quite intriguing until I guessed he was prone to fantasize and then believe that to be true.

He loves following his guiding principle that he is the wisest, handsomest and all the superlatives at the service of an egocentric individual.

In a brief encounter, he found my political views in conflict with his armed insurrection struggle and he was shocked. I suppose he could not stomach it. All I said was that I could not accept violence of any kind being a better or acceptable means to achieve any goal.
Later he must have come across the letter I wrote to the head of the Canadian Tamil Congress in which I had underlined the need for the Diaspora to be involved in the development of the Wanni.

This letter appeared in the Sri Lanka Watch. He reacted by writing a libellous story identifying me as one of the deep penetrating agents of the Government of Sri Lanka visiting Canada to cause divisions among the Tamil Diaspora. He also dragged two others into his contention who were not in Canada; such claims dwell on the fringe of insanity.

The crowning buffoonery of his stupid contention was a note that emphasized in bold red letters that he may be wrong.
If such types are the ones advocating violence as a means to a political end, the Tamil Diaspora is well advised to shun them and help bring peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

Are we not making a joke of ourselves internationally with the Diaspora’s preoccupation with fantasy states beyond the ocean – which one we do not know – prime ministers and speakers, members of ghost legislatures and all that crap and continuing to cheat the Tamil community who have found homes in many countries principally in Canada?

The prime minister of one such fantasy state is wanted in Sri Lanka for questioning in respect of three murders, that of businessman Myil Amirthalingam and Government Agents Panchalngam and Gnanachandran. The deputy prime minister of another state has a collection of doctoral degrees including one said to be from Karaveddy.

The other one secured his honours from Sen Gunta of Kollan Kaladdy. One heads the Fantasy State of Eelam beyond the Ocean in the absence of the head domiciled in the USA and hesitant to come to Canada and the other of the Democratic State of Eelam beyond the Ocean who probably knows what happened to the businessman and the government agents.

However, the truth at the base is that this writer is not any kind of agent and certainly not in the penetrating business.
He loves his country and his people and he is grateful for what Canada has done to us but like a large majority of his people who are tame and timid he will not lie down when they are being cheated by cowboy politicians who glorify violence as a means to an end.

The irony is that they are not interested in Sri Lanka or our people there. LTTE has earned for them millions and even after it is gone, their greed has not abated.

A final note on Masillamany: If one is not sure of his facts or the truth of his contentions he must never raise or report such as an uttered or published material. At the end of his story about deep penetrating agents from Sri Lanka in Canada in which he identified me as one just because I only expressed my views on the LTTE which was not to his liking, he said he may be wrong.

This statement itself establishes that his writing is bereft of integrity and is all submerged in the stinking mire of wild and violent fantasies.

If a wee bit of his mother’s milk still runs in his system he will publicly apologize for this slanderous attack and also to the two gentlemen he dragged in unnecessarily into his mischief-packed myth.

The LTTE tries to survive with a political face which is finished. But it has an underworld to be protected. It involves millions of dollars and an extensive underworld market. Racial unrest is key to its successful enterprises. It is therefore important to present to the world that the Canadian Tamil Diaspora is a large refugee camp of people waiting to go back to Sri Lanka and be citizens of an independent state of Eelam. This is a farce; not real at all. What is real is a fledgling mafia and its wings are virtually ready for the take-off.

Subramaniam Masillamany has not the faintest idea of a mafia network because to him it is only a trading organization that gives immense power to the boss and that is something he evidently loves. This is also why he admired Velupillai Prabakaran. He fancies a Kingdom of Wanni and like the way he fantasises the kitchen waste of the Rajapakse family, he fancies himself as the king.

Post Script: A note to Subramaniam Masillamany from Victor Karunairajan

Massie messes with religious bigotry and exposes his LTTE terror kinship
Commenting on the brilliant talk delivered by Dr Noel Nadesan at a seminar organized by the International Centre for the Promotion of Reconciliation in Colombo, Subramaniam Masillamany exposed not only his total commitment to the LTTE brand of terrorism but also his intolerance of Christianity.

He is an alumnus of St John’s College, Jaffna. As someone said but for St John’s he would be tapping toddy in Jaffna.

The first names of Dr Nadesan and mine seem to “say it all” for this guy.

“Say it all what Mr Massie?” Unlike you, we keep our surnames and identity clean and fresh. We are Nadesan and Karunairajan wherever we are. You are Subra Massie in Canada. What is wrong with Subramaniam and Masillamany or are you bothered with their meanings? Are you unhappy with your brown-ness, rather darkness?

You make cleaning and bleaching liquids so why not try a Michael Jackson?

It seems, according to you, only when you wash dishes in western restaurants I presume, Greek perhaps, you earn self-respect. What brand of self-respect is that Mr Massie?

How about tilling the soil in Jaffna, planting mango saplings, dehusking coconuts, chopping firewood, bathing the cows, milking the goats, drawing water, cleaning toilets, washing and in later days changing nappies and a numerous other day to day jobs and do they not breed self-respect? I am sure Dr Nadesan would say the same thing of himself too. May be all those in Sri Lanka are caste and class related jobs and not for you over there.

I do not really get your philosophy here or is this sheer arrogance of a vain and foolish man?

Every peg of whisky you consume Mr Massie a day will feed a family in need in Sri Lanka for more than a day. 

If you are so ignorant as to base  credentials on such insane claims as the LTTE having put us on the world map, what kind of discussion can anyone have with you?

If you are a critic of our stand for people, we are proud and are sure that we are on the right path. This Mr Massie is a note of gratitude and I am sure Mr Nadesan whom I have never had the privilege of meeting. will concur with me.

Victor Karunairajan (December 1, 2011)

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