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Thursday, 18 October 2018
Thursday, 18 October 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Desperate LTTE diehards go for the young ones PDF Print E-mail

By Jacinta Cruz in Ottawa

Toronto’s Tamil media organizations largely controlled by the diehards of the LTTE are going all out to give the impression that there is widespread support for them among the Tamil Diaspora.

Those who have followed the news and announcements of the LTTE-controlled CMR (Canadian Multicultural Radio) and TVI would have gathered that for the next ten days or so there will be continuous meetings and celebrations marking the LTTE Maveerar Day (Heroes Day) in almost all of the universities in and around Ottawa and Toronto; also Waterloo and Windsor too.

Such so advertised meetings may not take place at all or may be a small gathering meet in the university cafeteria but will be faithfully reported as largely attended.

Posters are also appearing in Tamil business premises announcing these events with an Interpol wanted terrorist (now beyond mortal arrest) displayed armed with a high-powered handgun beckoning people to attend these events.

Even Tamil school children are being invited and encouraged to attend such an event in a Toronto banquet hall. Schools will not extend their facilities for such events.

It is obvious these events that are being organized have nothing to do with Sri Lanka or its people and especially the Tamils back home. The Tamils in Sri Lanka want none of these for it affects their wellbeing. The Diaspora hardly supports the devastated people in Sri Lanka.

The LTTE diehards in Toronto have their needs and that is to increase their power and clout as a decisive force amidst the Diaspora, continue collecting funds under various pretexts and above all, build up the budding mafia while the Government of Canada still seems unaware of the danger that is fast growing among the Canadian people.

The question is being asked by a large number of people in Canada as to why the government of Stephen Harper is not taking any action against the propagators of terrorism even when they go for the young and the little ones and nurturing the primary roots of a developing mafia spectre.

Sri Lanka`s Foreign Affairs ministry must ask the Canadian High Commission in Sri Lanka  for an explanation  since such events affect the Tamil community in Sri Lanka and cause even more harm to the already strained race relations. A banned movement is a banned movement and how can Canada make mockery of its own laws?


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