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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Anarkali Mutuhettigame and the Sothern Elections PDF Print E-mail
From the Editors of Sri Lanka Watch

The Southern Provincial Council UPFA candidate Nishantha Mutuhettigama was further remanded until the 28th of Sept. today, by the Galle magistrate court. He was arrested yesterday and was produced in court by a special police team. Acting Magistrate A. P. G. Sarathchandra ordered to remand him until today.

Mutuhettigame was arrested on charges of being a member of an unlawful assembly, trespassing, using loudspeakers without permission, intimidating and threatening other candidates and violating other election laws.
Police media spokesman Nimal Mediwake told the media, Mutuhettigama was taken into custody again because of a second complaint made by Anarkali Akarsha, on the 14 of Sept. another UPFA candidate for the Southern Provincial Council elections. Mutuhettigama was taken into custody previously for making death threats to Anarkali and her mother and for attacking the election office of Anarkali.

He was absent in court for the first hearing which led the courts to issue a warrant for his arrest.  On the 18th of Sept. he appeared through a lawyer and was released on a Rs. 200,000 bail. The Judge had given him a strict warning and said if he engages himself again in intimidating or threatening other candidates he will be remanded.
Soon after his release Mutuhettigama has gone and attacked one of Anarkali’s political campaign officers with a gang of around 300 people.
But on Saturday the 18th speaking to the media Mutuhettigama the controversial UPFA candidate said he is capable of shooting with both hands like Eastern province Chief Minister Pillayan.
He further said that he knows well how the President's pulses are ticking.
Mutuhettigama had also criticized the police of the area and warned that after he becomes Chief Minister he will teach the Police a lesson. He also accused the presidential security division (PSD) who had arrived in 16 Jeeps in the city of Udugama, of attacking him a few days ago.
Mutuhettigama had further said that he will become the Chief Minister either by good or bad means.
On the direct orders of police Chief Jayantha Wickramarathne, a special police team questioned Mutuhettigama for more than 5 hours yesterday regarding his accusation about the presidential security division (PSD).
It seems that the provincial council candidate Mutuhettigama is totally ignorant about police powers in a Provincial Council (if they are ever devolved to it). In the event that police powers are devolved to a Provincial Council a Police Commissioner will be appointed for the province, who would be answerable to the Inspector General of Police who is appointed by the President or by the Independent Police Commission and the Police Commissioner General.
Alas, Mr. Mutuhettigame's dream of commanding the police comes to a rude ending here; however, his ignorance is bared to the public with much shame to him.
Wishfull thinking by Mr. Mutuhettigame to become the Chief Minister, which could end up another pipe dream for him. Well, if he becomes the Chief Minister, the people of the South of Sri Lanka will have a few options left, i.e. jump in the deep blue southern sea or sollow poison.
There are thugs and gangsters in every political party in Sri Lanka, however, it must be said that times have brought to their knees bigger thugs than Mutuhettigama.
It is now important to put a stop to gutter politics and bring about an era of decent politics. Our belief is the only person who can do this effectively is President Rajapaksha, who successfully won the 30 year separatist war in Sri Lanka and united the country and who is also waging a war against the underworld gangs, presently.
Is Nishantha Mutuhettigama suited for politics? Does Sri Lankan politics need another Mervin Silva?
These are decision the President would have to make.
Some years ago a group of three US sportsmen went to Europe and when the US national anthem was being played they ignored it and were filmed chatting and laughing with one another, instead of standing at attention.
The whole world saw this live on television and the US govt immediately ordered the return of these three sportsmen back home, without completing their mission, as the US was of the opinion that such players were not suitable for representing the US in anyway, and they wanted to send a clear signal to all those who represented the US, abroad on any capacity.
It is not a secret that President Rajapakse is having a tough time withstanding many pressures from various elements nationally and internationally who are working to weaken this Government even at this very moment.
These silly shenanigans by politicians like Mutuhettigama or Silva do not strengthens the hands of the President. Their unacceptable public behaviour only contributes to the difficulties of the President and adds fuel to the fire of making his Government unpopular locally and internationally.   

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