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Friday, 19 October 2018
Friday, 19 October 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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7 Acers of marshland given to Mervin PDF Print E-mail
The Cabinet has approved the grant of 7 acres of marshland in Wedamulla area in Kelaniya to Minister of Public relations and Public Utilities Mervin Silva, in order to construct a massive Vishnu temple.

However when contacted Chairman of Land Reclamation and Dev. Harshan De Silva said that this approval has been given by the Cabinet on certain conditions.

The main condition in filling up these 135 acres of marshland is to construct a pumping station at Muduneala to pump rain water in to the Kelani River and to construct two river mouths for the water to flow down to the Kelani River. The chairman also said that these two conditions have not been met yet by those who are filling this marshland. He also said that in addition to these 7 acres about another 100 acres have been filled already to construct the alternative venue for the St. John Market and for the bldgs of Sea Sand recycling plant. When asked whether there is a threat of the area being submerged in rain water

De Silva said that under the long term development plan of the govt these shortfalls can be ironed out. When we tried to contact Minister Mervin Silva in this regard his coordinating officer told us that the Minister told him to tell to carry out the news story without his ideas.

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