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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Is Chandrika’s life really in danger? PDF Print E-mail
Former President Chandrika Kumaratunge told the Press Trust of India during a private visit to Kerala that there was an overall feeling of fear in Sri Lanka. "I fear for my life, if I speak freely, though my party is in power (as part of a coalition)," she has said. The Government has provided her a security contingent of 82 security personnel and 12 state vehicles are at her disposal.  This much more than what she is eligible to have by the constitution as a former president. Even the former president D. B. Wijethunge had much lesser security team to protect him.  Presently former president Chandrika Kumarathunge enjoys security coverage twelve times or more than a present cabinet minister.

This does not mean that she is more susceptible for heart attacks in Sri Lanka than in any other country, but to indicate that some other party may assassinate her. She may have told this to Indians because she has no one else but it is obvious that the Indian media too did not bother to create an international opinion to get her better protection.

Though Prabhakaran is crushed and turned in to ashes the situation in Sri Lanka is still volatile for many reasons.

The first is the attempts being made by some local VIPs with international support to spread over the world that war crimes are taking place in Sri Lanka. Main sponsors of this operation are a couple of human rights champions in the EU, US and of course the Norwegians.

Some local NGOs also went to town recently putting up paid ads in newspapers trying to project that CPA chief Pakyasoothi Sarawanamuttu too has been threatened with death. Funny thing about the CPA boss is that he has not made any complaints about these threats to the police.

Other than the “Colombians”, people in Sri Lanka obviously did not care making all the money spent for these adds a sheer waste that could have been used to buy books for the destitute school children.
Mangala Samaraweera too is claiming that he is against the death penalty as if some of his close friends are in the galores. According to Mangala terrorists like Prabhakaran should not be killed.
One wonders whether he would have the same opinion on Osama Bin Laden when he talks to the US authorities next time.
Such silly statements can only give more boosts for killers so it is natural for the former President that the country was once a terrifying place.

Former President's security includes a Superintendent of Police, 3 Chief Inspectors, 3 Inspectors of Police, 9 Sub-Inspectors, 18 Police Sergeants, 27 Constables, A Woman Police Constable, 8 Police Drivers, an Army Captain, and 12 Army officers.

The former President lives abroad most of the time and during these times the officers giving protection to her simply idling away their time paid by the state.

This in fact is more than the strength of a full police station and she may be of the opinion it would be better to take these people as well on her foreign sojourns.

Expressing Government’s dismay over Kumaratunga's statements, Media and Information Minister, Anura Priyadharshana Yapa said the baseless allegations made by the former President appear to be a "part of a plan and conspiracy of the agenda mooted by Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe and Mangala Samaraweera.
"The former President looks to be a partner of that game plan," Minister Yapa said.

If Chandrika’s life in danger, why has she not made any complaints to the police up to now? Instead go to the international press like CPA boss.
She must cooperate fully with the state authorities explaining on what grounds she is making such statements. It is quite strenge that she has failed to give an account of her security contingent is, when making such a statement to the international press.

It is not long ago that part of the UNPers and Mangala Samaraweera pointed the finger at the Government when Major General Janaka Prerera was killed. More than finding who the killers were, the motives of the accusers were to disgrace Government and the defence establishment with out having a second thought. But it was the work of the LTTE.

The under tone of Chandrika’s statement in Kerala India points the finger at the Government.

Therefore the defence ministry should act swiftly and severely on this statement of the former president.
Also pay attention to the huge amounts spent to maintain these security personnel even when chandrika is not residing in the country.
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