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Thursday, 18 October 2018
Thursday, 18 October 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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World should stop Sinhala Colonization of Jaffna PDF Print E-mail
TNA requested the countries of the world to help stop the colonization process the government is undertaking in Jaffna district.

This action would not bring reconciliation amongst communities and the visionaries in the Sinhala community to come out to explain this stance to the government.

The spokesman for TNA in the report published says when many thousands of Tamils were forcibly sent out of their land and houses under the pretext of HSZ and are still living as refugees in camps and in rented out houses these people who had not an inch of land in Jaffna and who do not belong to Jaffna were brought and kept in the railway station.

Before they came toilet facilities were made at the station and they were given police protection. Ministers came one after other and gave them samurthy cards and rations. Now the army has taken some out and settled at Navatkuli Maniyam thottam where Tamils were living. The army now says it is the land of UDA and chased out the Tamils who came back to resettle in the area. They are given military protection too. The government takes this action to destroy Tamils in the area they live and make them minorities in this area. This action will not help to bring reconciliation between communities but only bring hatred and anger. Hence the forward visionaries in the Sinhala community must explain this to the government to stop this colonization process he requested.

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