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Friday, 19 October 2018
Friday, 19 October 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Racist Sentiments hunting north again PDF Print E-mail
Every political party in the north are gearing up fort the coming local govt and provincial council elections and the TNA and Alliance of Tamil parties along with the others have already started their campaigning.

The main theme of both these parties is to win “a political solution to the national problem of Tamils”. This issue that had been discussed for the last 30 years has come back to the stage once again because the Indian foreign minister is due here on the 20th of this month in the wake of the Indian govt insisting on the Sri Lankan govt to take speedy steps to find a political solution to solve the ethnic crisis.

Recently when the TNA delegation met Ashok Kantha at India House, the TNA has said that the Indian govt should apply pressure on the Sri Lankan govt to find a political solution immediately. The High commissioner has told the TNA group that the President has promised India to implement the 13th amendment to the constitution, so theTNA should accept the northern Provincial council and make sure to contest for it and get the power of it.

They were also told to talk to the Sri Lankan govt along with other Tamil parties as well. However the TNA is of the belief that the Indian foreign minister will talk about this issue with the President when he comes here next week.

Meanwhile the TNA is also busy rousing up racist sentiments in the north with their eyes on the coming elections and for this purpose they are using a lot of false propaganda. Recently they alleged that the govt is trying to settle Sinhalese families in 12,000 pre-fitted houses given to the war displaced in the north. About 100 Sinhala families, who were displaced from Jaffna in 2003 riots, are now staying at the Jaffna railway station and the TNA and northern Tamil newspapers are trying to project that this is part of the govt program to settle southern Sinhalese people in the north. They obviously plan to discredit the govt this way and get political advantage at the coming Elections.

Meanwhile like adding fuel to the fire, some Sinhalese tourists from the south have entered the Jaffna university premises by force and behaved unruly by throwing books around. The efforts of the govt to hush this incident without trying to find the guilty and punish them, has made it easy for these Tamil parties to spread Racism.

Meanwhile the Tamil Political Parties alliance met at the EPDP office in Colombo recently and decided to request a meeting from the President and also to invite the TNA to join them. Meanwhile northern sources said that Sri Ranga Jeyaratnam, who joined the govt recently, is expecting to be the chief minister of the north. He has gone there many times with Namal Rajapakse and also by himself and got some of his friends to ask the govt Ministers to help him become the chief minister candidate for north. It is also said that EPDP leader Douglas Devananda is also hoping to get this position.

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