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Saturday, 21 July 2018
Saturday, 21 July 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Walikada Prisoners attack Police officers PDF Print E-mail
Due to a massive attack made on police officers who went to the Chappel ward at Welikada prison on a search operation by over 2,000 convicts and detainees, 46 police officers have been admitted to the hospital with serious injuries. According to a court order about 63 police officers led by Kelaniya SSP Kithsiri Ganegama went to Welikada prison and conducted a special search operation to search for drugs and cell phones. They first went to Chappel ward where leading drug dealers are held and began searching about 2,000 inmates when suddenly the prisoners started attacking the police officers with rocks and poles. At this moment some hard criminals held in separate cells came out and took police officers to their cells and cut them up with small knives. These prisoners knew about the search operation the night before and during the attack some prison officials has given signals to prisoners outside and told them to attack the police and the police believe that the prisoners have got wind of this search operation from these prison officials. The police has also found out during investigations that a senior jail official has held back the police search party for about half an hour stating that no senior official is present and during this respite some prison officials have warned the Chappel ward inmates to hide whatever contraband they have. It is also reported that some senior jail officers have taken leave on this day and gone out. Information has also been received that some big drug dealer in the prison has distributed free heroin to the prisoners who were involved in this attack.
Soon after it was suspected that some prison officials are behind this attack, the CID has been entrusted to investigate by the IGP and the Prisons Dept has also started an investigation of their own.
According to Commissioner General of prisons Major Gen V.R. De Silva this attack was spontaneous and it was not pre-planned by the prison officials or the prisoners and added that he is of the belief that the inmates started the attack due to anger and frustration when the police officers were searching them. He also vehemently refused the allegation that prison officials deliberately opened the prison cells to allow the inmates to attack the search party and said that the prison officials opened the cells when the police wanted to search them. He also pointed out that such search operations were also carried out in other prisons in the island and there was no violence in any of them.

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