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Sunday, 15 July 2018
Sunday, 15 July 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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GoSL snubs Western Nations and UN Agencies again PDF Print E-mail

The GoSL’s cancellation of the resident visa of UNICEF’s information officer, James Elder this week also shows the strong hand in dealing with any perceived threat. The influence of Dr. Palitha Kohona, a much experienced official at international organizations and forums is seen. He must know that repercussions if any can be deflected.
But this turned against him too. The British High Commission declining to grant a visa to Dr. Kohona and MP Arjuna Ranatunga to visit the UK being declined.
We could expect to see this diplomatic tit-for-tat to continue for sometime and escalate further, before sanity prevails and the two governments learn to conduct their affairs with more civility.

 By Hiran

Serendeep blog

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