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Onward into New Horizons PDF Print E-mail

By Victor Karunairajan

Friday June 12, 2009


Arise dear, noble motherland

We’ve raised our righteous ire

With firm gallantry vanquished

The demons that terrorized us

With relentless ruthless terror

For three horrendous decades.


The monsters of political divide

Swarmed with spiteful venom

And religious hate and bigotry

Mistrust misgivings too many

Sown with malevolent frenzy

By wily political adventurers

Cast us all in torturous grasp

And nation in ruin deadened


Amidst this nightmare vacuum

Terror found a hell of habitat

A genus without any parallel

Anywhere in this vast world


The price we’ve heavily paid

Defies sense and perception

That these ever materialized

On this our dear island home

Is a terrible lesson we learnt

Never again will ever be spilt

The blood of fellow citizens

And each will hug the other

Sinhala, Tamil and Burgher

Moslem, Malay and others

As one family all in embrace

Of this our dear motherland


So onward into New Horizons

We set sights in lovely hopes

That our nation will rise again

And be our dear divine home.
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