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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Sinhalese resettling in Jaffna PDF Print E-mail
Minister of resettlement Milroy Fernando says that many Sinhalese families who were forced to leave their homes and property in Jaffna 27 years ago, have now come back to Jaffna with the hope of resettling in their original homes.

About a hundred of them have returned to Jaffna and are staying at the Jaffna railway station temporarily and they will be resettled as early as possible after confirming their land rights. They have requested the Government Agent and Mr. Douglas Devananda to provide them with alternate land if their original lands are no longer available.

They have deeds for land which they owned. They have lived in refugee camps in Anuradhapura for 6 years. 15,000 families lived in Jaffna before the riots. There are details of 6700 families. They want land now because it is possible to live in any part of the country now. It might be opined that priority should be given to Tamils in the resettlement process. These people however are also victims of tiger cruelty.

The focus of attention of many local and foreign organizations in the North and East after 30 years of war is the urgent question of resettlement and the spotlight is on the majority of Tamils displaced from the area. It is however not a secret that Sinhala and Muslim families have also been displaced.
The plight of such has been recently revealed. This might even suggest that they have been neglected.

The minister also said that others are now living in the original homes of these families and they cannot be dislocated now, but they will be given land in alternative places.

This also provides an opportunity to re-establish the good relations that existed between the communities in the North East before the war.

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