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Saturday, 22 September 2018
Saturday, 22 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Thangavelu conquers Mount Everest - Part 2 PDF Print E-mail
We have no doubts the photograph of a supposed to be an army man shooting a blindfolded Tamil as they claimed is a fake, just as much as I climbed Mount Everest alone or in the company of Harini Sivalingam with David Poopalapillai doing the Sherpa duties of carrying our baggage. There were others too on this Himalayan journey and certainly Channel 4 TV as well. After all we want to talk about climbing Mount Everest.  Tigers have used photo technology to advantage; even had Prabhakaran watching TV after his death and Anandasangaree addressing a meeting of the Armed Forces when he was 1234 miles away from the place of action. The photograph taken of the Chennai film producer Pakiarajah was a fake too having been previously taken with Balasingam meeting Prabhakaran; and there were many, most of them manufactured, manipulated and malrepresented from Norway.
Talking about Norway, Boomerang Banda suddenly turned around and asked me, "where in hell is that guy from Oslo?" It was obvious to whom he was referring; no, no not Dirty Sethu but Erik Solheim. There is absolutely no truth in the story, whether Harini Sivalingam likes it or not, that Erik Solheim will be done a KP by the Government of Sri Lanka.
But Adele Balasingam should be because she ran at least six torture camps for women in Jaffna. It is believed Father Chandrakanthan is already in hiding and there is that Divine Soldiers of Christ Father Immanuel and of many others who could be state guests in Sri Lanka, the way Israel went after Nazi criminals.. Now that his Mount Everest climbing story has been exposed, the Lamb of God padre Father Xavier may take to the Buddhist robes. He finds the Anglican vestments too expensive to dry clean and since he is married to a Sinhalese that should not be difficult.
Kangaroos-chasing, koalas-cuddling Brian Seneviratne is another guy who lost his senses long ago; some say ever since he got married to a Tamil woman whose ancestors were supposed to be from Urumpirai. Urumpirai or Uda Pussellawa even Uva-Paranagama it is immaterial but what is material is Seneviratne never understood the feelings and the aspirations of the people in Sri Lanka. His boundary hits were for the Tiger Diaspora and that is how he climbed his side of Mount Everest.  
There's a lot to talk about after a self-imposed silence on my part for sometime. Someone lied that I am no more and that was readily welcomed and that is the "gone to Kailasam" story. From Kappang Highway we collected mountains and mountains of information and all these have to be put together for posterity.
We saw how the Scandinavians were working against the people of Sri Lanka and we covered every route that led to the manse of the Bishop of Mannar. We saw the conspiratorial conduct of the Scandinavian monitors and how they scattered with books a former Sencholai centre turned into military training facility for students after an air raid to give a false impression.  We saw how the UNICEF and Human Rights Watch ignored our findings on the recruitment of children; even the conduct of the Red Cross worried us.     
The truth I impressed on Boomerang Banda is that people believe what they really want to hear and this for the Tiger Diaspora means making money out of suckers. This happens in countries where people have got used to raising funds under some pretext or other, the easiest being raising funds for the LTTE.
So you did climb Mount Everest," asked Boomerang Banda and quickly noted, "I mean in a way Harini Sivalingam thought about what was a fake photograph over which Channel 4 went to town and Time Online and Human Rights Watch carried the baton on to the next laps."
"You can say so but I have been talking about Mount Everest so much and having developed a vicarious relationship with Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norkay, now I believe I have climbed Mount Everest."
Boomeranged Banda in his typical outburst of instant retort, "Believe it or not, Thangavelu ayah, I saw you from Mount Annapurna when you planted the flag of Sri Lanka Watch on Mount Everest."  Then he asked, "But why did you say quitters to Sri Lanka Guardian along with your Subidcham team mates?"
"Oh, that! That is another story. We stand up for our people, our nation, our values, our ideals and are focused on these dreams. We are Sri Lanka Watch, the fourth estate of the realms and every position we take, every issue we raise and everything that we are committed to means, every word expressed is the right one. Journalistic integrity is sacred to us."
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