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Wednesday, 19 September 2018
Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | Sri Lanka Watch
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Rev Jeyanesan and his bogus doctorate PDF Print E-mail
After we published the article „Sri Lanka Guardian attempts to stir mischief and mayhem” yesterday on our site we have been receiving a number of responses from our readers. We publish a letter received from Colombo Sri Lanka.
Dear Editors of Sri Lanka Watch:

You had made reference to a feature in the Sri Lanka Guardian (August 10) written by Shamini Wijesinghe. You also stated this feature contained plagiarized material.
We checked the following website: and found the entire material from this organization, the Ceylon Christian Care in the Netherlands has been copied in the feature. It was this organization that gave this priest, the Rev Jeyanesan his bogus doctorate. It is neither a university, not even a high school!
What has worried many people in Batticaloa is that a lot of helpless children are exposed to strange elders from this organization during their visits to Batticaloa. This, especially with the record of Rev Jeyanesan is not at all healthy. The children are at great risks.

A few years ago the Rev Jeyanesan also took two teenagers on a tour of the US to raise funds stating they were orphans. He has also been in the habit of taking a woman or two associated with his orphan centre on his trips to the Netherlands as well. Five years ago, Jeyanesan was accused on the floor of the Diocesan Council of the Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India as having attempted to molest the wife of a colleague. The complaint she and her husband made to the police had no effect. Rev Jeyanesan is known to have friends in police circles.

We also found out the identity of the author. He is a briefless lawyer who has found himself in very disturbing circumstances and as a result, his wife has walked out on him and left the country too. He is a friend of Rev Jeyanesan and this feature was a joint effort of his and a close associate of Rev Jeyanesan, a lady from Wellawatte. This was a desperate damage control exercise. The Sri Lanka Guardian editor works closely with him and is often his guest..
Samuel Veerakathy and Kuberan Satkunam, Colombo 4   

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